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Leadership begins with self-leadership. Until you know who you are, your purpose, your strengths and talents, you cannot be authentic. Authenticity is the opposite of ambiguity.

I agree that until you know your strengths and talents that you will have a hard time being a leader. I also think in order to be a true leader, you need to know how you handle failure and challenges. A person will be considered an even stronger and authentic leader if they have experienced and overcome obstacles.

and I think one of the keys to this is being a reflective learners, when I am taking the time to really think through what I learned form these situations.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

I have moments of self doubt, particularly when I see morale is low or have difficulty motivating a poor performer.

What tips does anyone have to sustain passion and confidence?

I think a big key is making sure you stay positive yourself. I've found that when morale is low, I try to look down the road & see the positives & communicate these to everyone. While we may be under a huge workload, we can see the end. Or clarify the purpose & importance behind all of it.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

Judy, I like the way that you are putting this. I find that this is true for me and when I get in touch with these feelings and realities I feel that I can move forward. I think that the most important aspect of leading others is to recognize these qualities in others and acknowledge them. It recognizes others as leaders also: first of themselves, also of the work they do and even in relation to people they come in contact with.

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