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My best boss

The best supervisor I ever had demonstrated a very high level of self awareness. She was extremely sensitive to the impact of her mood, words, and tone on every member of her very large team. In addition, she was able to step away from a major stressor for a brief period of time in order to make sure that her response did not create additional stress for the team.

I am curious about others' experience with managers who are highly self aware and emotionally intelligent. Are these traits growing in value in today's competitive workplace?

they definitely are, in my opinion. An organization I worked for (I was in the leadership development area) spent thousands of dollars putting all managers through an extensive emotional intelligent based leadership development program. And we saw returns on this!

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

In my experiene I am so gratful for the wonderful bosses I have worked with throughout my career, they most definetley molded me into the leader I am today. my comment that I would like to share is I also learned a great deal from my bosses that were not very good just by observing their challenges and how they delt with them I was able to identify how I would do things differently in the same situation. Every person we are blessed to work with gives us a gift some times it is more difficult to see but they mold us just as much and develop who we become as well!

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