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The interactive Age of Leadership

A leader have to be charismatic,introspection , effective and motivate others.The interactive leaders have to be able to distinguish between intrinsic and extrinsic values. The interactive leader is a member of a team and views technology and colleagues as teammates.
Arletha Skinner

A leader must also show credibility and responsibility!

The other most important qualities of a leader are dedication and honesty. If a leader is not dedicated to completeing the mission of their organization, then the effectiveness of those they lead will be severely affected.
Also, a leader should be honest and forthcoming. If they are not honest, it teaches that lying is a shortcut.

Lying also works like a cancer within your team. If a team finds out they've been lied to by their leader or one team member lies about another, it'll destroy the productivity of the team. Everyone will be focused on exposing the truth or worried and on edge about the lie instead of getting work done.

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