Digital Natives and me!

I was educated in a country where technology is in the hands of the government as an instrument of power. The Cuban people do not have access to information about what is happening in the world. And that's why I find it more difficult than any other of you, to master the computer tools. On the other hand I will use computer tools that students master much better than me. We are facing a generation that technology is part of their games, their daily entertainment, and handle it as easily as if it were incorporated into their chromosomes. However, my generation has the strength of making use of mathematics as a logical method of thinking. I know that it will not be easy for me to incorporate the technology, but I know that for them it is and will be more difficult to incorporate the logical thinking as we do.  So, using their technological tools to help them in the cognitive process, is the great strength of this method that we are going to use. And I hope that it will work better than the tradicional face to face method, and the hybrid one.