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Stunning how we continue to propogate this myth of 'preferred' learning anyone seeing a change from your perspective?

I am amazed that we continue to get reinforcement on 'learning styles' as if it is more than just theory.  I'm curious if other readers are seeing the same or am I just 'way behind?"

Hi John,

I'm with you. After years of "teach to specific learning styles" training I have concluded that you should just always use all methods of teaching and everyone seems to learn more thoroughly. Next, I wonder if anybody is thinking of debunking the theory of "generational learning'.


I agree with you all here and learned so much about the myth of hemisphericity and it makes sense that the 100% of the brain is working 100% of he time - also liked the neural concert metaohor: 

"Certain players have a stronger role during certain movements"



Bottom line, people are complex, and no one fits into any one box.  It is all about generating interest and making connections

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