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Learning in sequence of 3's

I like the idea that when a student has to memorize that they should memorize in sequences of only 3. When they have to learn the 9 steps for preparing a salad, I am sugest to my student this method

I also like the thought of learning in 3's. I can use this method while teaching my students the order of draw.

I like this idea as it applies to my pastry class. I think I can integrate this as a way of getting students to remember mix methods.

Hi Renee,
Let us know how it works for you. Thanks.

Repetition in sets of three is also useful.

I teach motorcycle mechanics. I can use this to make it easier for students to disassemble and assemble. Three steps at a time. COOL!

Hi Craig,
Great to hear. I wish you much teaching success.

This is an intriguing thought; do you think that this is the case because of societal norms (telephone numbers, SSNs, etc.) as the lesson purports, or is it because of something deeper that a human brain just resonates with?


Good question which leads the need for additional research in the area of cognitive processing.

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