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Sandra Walston

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While these two conditions can co-exist, it is important to understand the differences. I have seen a lot of the behaviors outlined in teh PTSD category in a lot of both students and family members.

I am glad that they have more properly identified PTSD for what it is and have a better idea of how to help people now. It is hard to not think of specific people when reading things like this.

Service Learning is growing steadily and will cntinue to do so. I was encouraged as part of the National Honor Society to do a project, but it was not a part of my everyday curriculum. I like that this is becoming more ocmmon place and widespread. As it should be.


Surveys, feedback, and self-reflection are key for evaluating the success of a service-learning program. 

There are SO many different opportunities for service learning - it can serve as an amazing way to help students take more pride in themselves and their community - something that is much needed now days. The idea of helping them switch their mindset from that where everything is handed to them, to one where they go out and seek to make things better, is life changing.

I like the idea of having the students identify the needs in the community and coming up with their own projects. While it is good to give them examples and ideas, I think that it will give them more buy in and follow through if we let them develop the idea and let them see what is possible.

Blogging can be a good place for students to create a sort of online portfolio and record of their work over time. I like the idea/possiblity of using this in my art classes.

Microblogging can be a useful tool in adding a new level of interaction in an online class. As with all other new tools, being intentional about use, having a plan, good follow through and clear expectations is essential to its success.

I feel as though a lot of the references to media hosting sites is almost obsolete now. It just goes to show how quickly technology and social media changes and evolves. Google has created an amazing platform with the Google Suite that covers most of the resources in one place. It is good to consider other ways of posting and retrieving information.

I have learned that if you are planning to use social media in a class, you should know why you want to use it, how you want to use it, and how you plan to assess the student's use of it.

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