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occupational therapy revolves around helping people develop or help them cope with and respond to challenges.  Collaboration and partnership, between students, faculty, and staff, are vital to helping students engage in positive learning behaviors.

The sandwich method is a great tool to use when giving feedback. Also making sure your criteria is proper, reliable valid, and levels are appropriate. 




Components of a rubric are essential to note, such as the content and coverage. Does the rubric cover everything necessary? It is clear. Does it make sense to the student? Are their samples for the work. Also needs to be practical and technical. Meaning it needs to be helpful to the student so they can self-assess and needs to be fair. 


Using rubrics as a self and peer assessment helps students' motivation, improvement in skills, and reflection on the entire project.  I recently had students present and wish I have devised a peer and self-assessment before the project. Ma has helped students monitor their behaviors and work habits. 


Learning about the types of rubrics, such as the analytical rubric and its advantages vs. disadvantages, was helpful. Also learning we should review the title for understanding. 


I will use digital recordings for feedback to get the feedback back to students quicker. I a not doing this promptly, which can help the student learn. 


This was precious training, helping me focus on the areas I need to improve in my teaching. Being more effective and efficient in my feedback and giving consistent reminders will be a great addition to my teaching habits. I am also sending emails to check up on students who are doing poorly. 


I loved learning about pedagogy. I did not realize it differed from teaching kids, which means more real-world information a person can relate to makes for effective learning. 


I agree. Personality types can accomplish the tasks better suited for their personality type. I used to follow this same strategy with employees at the grocery store I managed. The Smokers were excellent cleaners, while the nonsmokers were better at ringing up customers at the registers without many breaks. Smokers could smoke as much as they wanted. It seemed to be a win-win. 

Successful learner personality traits are described as curious, accepting of failure, diligent, motivated to develop their own learning, questioning, and sharing.

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