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John Armstrong

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Retired Army, have always wanted to teach and am now working at the Joint Special Operations University as a course director.  I want to become a Master Instructor.  My wife teaches high school age students with autism and I have learned a considerable amount about education as well as the autism spectrum through her.  I have three children, one has already graduated college, the other is a senior and my daughter is in her 4th year.


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I appreciate the idea that adult education is much more participatory. In the past, I have been concerned about covering all my material and hope to let this instruction help me "go with the flow" a little more. Thank you, this was a good block of instruction (ED102).

Ms Crews,

This is one of the best insights I have seen - thank you very much!  I've already shared with a close friend doing Master's level work online...


John Armstrong

Kenya - I just read your posting.  You are correct, I'm new to the teaching profession, but am watching my wife struggle with a few Master's level courses, and even my son missed a key suspense on an online course he is taking as a student at the University of Florida.  I am like you.  If a course is very simple, it seems to me that it is conducive to online learning, but I could not see myself taking a complex online course.  I am taking my time with this (CEE) program and so far have not struggled too much. … >>>

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