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I thought this was a very important section as it reminded us how to add personal touches through online platforms. In order for us to be effective with our students, we need to communicate online the same way we would communicate in-person. This can be done by utilizing the ARCS model. 

This module reminded me of Motivational Interviewing techniques. Much of our responsibility is to elicit growth and excitement in our students by letting them be autonomous in their decision-making process. We need to use positive affirmations to help them continue on this difficult process of exploring the right career path for them. 

To be an effective career advisor, one must always exhibit good active listening skills through the use of silence and body language. When students feel heard and understood, they will most likely feel confident in their next steps. 


Unconditional positive regard can help build rapport with students and give them a safe space to voice any internal or external issues they may come across when job searching. By using active listening skills, students will feel validated in their experiences while also having the confidence to continue their job search. 

I appreciated hearing that the work is not done after the interview. We must analyze the interview process, express gratitude, follow-up appropriately, and keep busy while waiting for a response. Preparation time is never wasted time! 

I learned the importance of 'feedback and follow up' for the purposes of networking, increasing efficiency, reach and effectiveness. 

The value in and importance of campuswide messaging and communication(s).

Collectively, I have learned that planning career events should be strategically well thought out and planned. All aspects of the students/employers experience and exposure should be considered and prepared for. 

I read a previous post " takes a village" (Evelyn Zelada) that best described my takeaway from this section. Career events should be all (campus wide) inclusive.

I appreciated the balance between emphasizing skills/portfolio and also sharing endorsements. It is not enough to say that you have a skill without sharing someone who can witness it. At the same time, some work can speak for itself. Knowing the balance makes all the difference! I will share the worksheets and tips with job seekers. 

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