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I learned that Career Services encompasses more than just helping a graduate obtain his/her first job. I learned that barriers and not just the graduate/job match can play a key roll in whether a graduate gets employed in a timely manner in an appropriate position.  I plan to listen well to be in tune with a student's barriers and in tune with the employers needs. 

There was a ton of great information on cover letters that was very useful. I feel there was a bit of conflicting info on reference lists vs. in another module.

Experience is the #1 thing employers look at and should be written not to describe a duty, but rather to demonstrate a specific attribute the employer needs.

Reviewing keywords and ideal formatting/layout was very helpful in determining what information should be passed on to students to increase their success. 

I really liked the handouts that were used in  this section. 

I didn't realize that being laid off was as high of a stress point as it is. 

Concerted efforts are key to the success of Career Services.

The information is useful in our overall operations of Career Services.

Various types of partnerships are really helpful and key to operate a successful career services center.

All stakeholders should work together in order to make Career Services meaningful and successful. With collective involvement, we will be able to achieve the mission.

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