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Understanding data collection methods and the level of credibility of each is good to know. 

This section of the training communicates to me the significance of career services, including the proper documentation of prior activity, in relation to future impact to the graduate, the institution, and the overall economy.

I learned some strategies for writing out job descriptions to be detailed, as well as the benefit of providing a case note model to improve consistency.

I've never thought of telling students to create an email signature for themselves for self-promotion but it makes perfect sense!

25% of the US Population are affected by incarceration

I learned that applying a workflow process can improve the consistency of documentation while reducing errors. 

 I learned that the Career Services Department impacts the entire institution.  It is important to have a mission statement that evolves as you grow. 

Students will benefit by learning about prospective jobs in their field.  We will need to have a lot of resources and data to provide for the prospective students.  Work with the admissions team to be up to date on placement success and job search process. 

Make connections with employers and provide them with efficient pathway to use is as a staffing source. 

 Also make connections with Alumni to get real feedback about the industry and potential… >>>

I learned about that new THINK acronym to encourage clients to reconsider and reflect on what they are posting online. I think this will lead to more intentional action. I plan to share this with my job seekers during one of the orientation sessions I'd like to start.

I learned that students really need to buy into the idea of being a business that they need to market. Without that as the baseline, we'll be having different conversations. Instead, significant attention should be placed on personal branding. I plan to incorporate this conversation into my standing personal narrative sessions to help students arrive at their unique value add.

I learned that explaining the value of and implementing KPIs can help job seekers focus on what they can control and might mitigate some of the emotional aspects of job searching. I plan to bring this sort of job search planning into the orientation program I'm creating.

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