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I appreciated the balance between emphasizing skills/portfolio and also sharing endorsements. It is not enough to say that you have a skill without sharing someone who can witness it. At the same time, some work can speak for itself. Knowing the balance makes all the difference! I will share the worksheets and tips with job seekers. 

I really appreciate the STAR method and learning how to choose relevant stories to share in an interview. I will share that with job seekers as well as coach them that it is not just "what" they say in an interview but "how" they say it.

Convictions can be a challenge, however not an impossible obstacle to overcome. I appreciate the knowledge provided in this module to show Career Service professionals how they can assess their own biases and navigate the challenges of convictions to better serve the student population. 

In college I would often hear this quote from my instructors: "Preparation time is never wasted time." I got to see that principle demonstrated for exams while in school, but I believe I found the greater significance when I got out into the workforce and began navigating job search and the interview process. I will certainly share all of these workbooks with jobseekers so they can first come to know who they are and what they value before trying to align themselves with a career. 

By definition (" leap back") resilience is an obvious characteristic asset for a career support professional. This module was really good for me because I'd never looked at resilience from a prospective of "how to build" it (resilience), which was very interesting to me.   

Very good module information and area of GREAT importance. It is most critical that career coaches both have a social presence and utilize it daily and effectively. Strategically considering readers perspective, tones. I enjoyed this module-great career services professional development tool(s).  

I thought the Cartssion questioning strategy was interesting and insightful. Establishing and articulating realistic expectations "... a coach never decides for a student". 

I learned that career coaching is an intricate and deliberately structured process that is tailored to each individual student; beginning with establishing and building emotional and psychological bonds and bridges.  

I loved the Three Good Things doc that was provided! I will be using that with students of my own.

I learned that there are controllable and uncontrollable factors that play into how we respond to stress and therefore (ideally) build resilience. I wish I had this advice when I was in college and experiencing the pandemic as I applied for jobs/made plans!

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