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When documenting or communicating,  being clear and precise is key. Using the MAPP outline is helpful when organizing. 

I learned the different ways to efficiently record data and the importance of accuracy when recording. The documentation for verification is a process that must be accurate and following the correct steps or process will lower the possibility of common mistakes. The communication between the students and career services is more beneficial when the expectations are clear and set forth. 

The importance of data collection criteria for placements and the process of verifying employment. There are numerous ways for collecting the data needed as long as the process is defined and followed. 

My takeaway from this module is the importance of employment reporting and how that impacts various things within our society, such as education and individual decisions.

I have been working for career services for four years now, and this is the first time that I have the opportunity of taking a course that shows a radiography of what we do and the importance of our department in higher education. Some people think that we are just there to write resumes and show students how to dress properly for an interview. This section portraits very well what we do and the importance of our work.

Principal theory is that employers may view these students as dishonest, work with students on this narrative. Need to be honest up front on the application. Understand and empower them to move beyond the stigma. 

There are some protections but it is always best to answer honestly. 

Work with students and young adults to overcome the negative perception people/employers may have. 

Do youth and young adults that are incarcerated receive a quality education?

Great teams don't happen by accident. They are because of intentional work. It is important that we work to build a culture of understanding and empathy. We work for each other and strive to put others first. 

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