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I intend to make my presence more visible to my team.

I've learned that to be productive I have to check in with myself and make sure my wellness needs are being met. I learned that I need to set boundaries.

It is important for me to stick to a routine and have a rough schedule to stay productive and engaged. It is also important that I know how to minimize my distractions.

I intend to make sure my team feels connected and supported by me as we work remotely. I intend to look to my boss for leadership and guidance.

How different emotions can play a part in how one reacts to the job search market.

The cycle of emotions in the job search - I haven't seen those defined before. 

Likeability over competence

Prioritizing references. Who and why?

Having students "Google" themselves because most employers will be doing the same. I have always done this but didn't really realize it was such a common standard.

I like how the 5 keys  to success provides a good framework for all of the different aspects of being an employee and allows us to think carefully through each key and help our students prepare.  I especially like the ideas around exploring emotional states as well as physical states in the Be a Professional key.  Your emotional state can have  huge impact on your job performance, and I think it is so important to talk about that while the student is still in high school.

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