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It is important not to be vague in the notes so anyone can quickly determine the interaction purpose. 

I learned about the different methods of verifying employment and the importance of properly verifying employment.

It is important for the data that is put into the system is accurate and portrays valid information so the school does not have a legal issue in the future. 

I have learned to modify my coaching style to elicit more student participation in creating solutions.  By asking students more about their goals and working cooperatively with them to explore solutions, I hope to teach them two things: how to be resourceful, and how to think of potential solutions on their own (with some assistance and guidance). This is in contrast to what I mistakenly believed I should be when I started working in this position: an authoritative expert.

I learned about how higher education institutions use employment reporting data as a factor in which programs they offer. I also learned that accurate reporting of this information can affect the public funding that institutions receive to run their programs. 

When students go to create their profile, they must be  guided by a professional who manages the different tips on social networks and on the web.

I learned several strategies for digital career-marketing, which coupled nicely with my previous course on personal branding.

Training students in managing their social networks and publications will help them make it easier when they start their working and productive lives.

Teach students that job searching is a marketing process, you must explain the objectives of each search activity, in addition, teaching them how they can monitor and measure each objective, will teach them to evaluate their performance to demonstrate perseverance and make adjustments until they achieve their objectives.

Understanding the functions that technological tools, fulfill will further help the institution, and the students to create and expose their talents and skills, to make them known in the world of work.

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