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Enjoyed the lesson. Great tips that we can use to assist our students.

An effective listener is someone who actively engages in the process of listening to understand and respond appropriately to the speaker. 

I have learned that the communication with new students, alumni, employers and internal departments we must have constant communication.  Our primary focus is to assist the student but we cannot ignore our alumni and employers as they come with great wisdom of what the job market is currently seeking, and inform us as to why they are currently hiring or what the trend is at the moment. 

Its important for our graduates understand what the current job market is seeking at the moment.   Why employers are currently hiring? As well as have them understand we are there to assist with our extra pair of eyes as to what the employer is currently looking for in their candidates.  

I have learned that it is crucial that our Career Services department must have a mission statement in order to have a unified and strong team.  

The 5 keys to success are also a good thing to share with students, as well as how to be communicative!

I appreciate all the examples that were given as possible interview questions for the employer as well as the potential employee. I will be sharing them with my students in my next class with them.

The cover letter is important!

Different ways to help and motivate students to look for employment!

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