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Normalizing the emotional side of the job-search process as well as organizing, setting small, achievable goals, and using a support system along the way. Don’t forget the confidence in your skill set and readiness to be a trustworthy employee.

The importance of your online presence- using professional social media like LinkedIn but also keeping your personal social media in good standing. Being aware of the industry and companies you want to work for, and reaching out to create relationships. Also, I think digital portfolios will be the resumes of the future.


The resources are great tools to use to help students break this process down, and then be able to proceed with confidence.

I am very excited to learn more about AI and how to use it in my day to day.

I'm curious to see how we might be able to deploy some AI-driven career coaching with our high school CTE students & how we might use the data that process generates to inform our decisions about developing new curriculum around their experience

I think employing AI as a basic administrative tool will be crucially important for us. I'm also in the process of creating 114 powerpoints for one-hour Zoom classes, so this came at a good time...

AI seems so easy to use, I am most interested in using it for role playing for interviews. 

I have learned that AI is a valuable tool to use when drafting emails, when creating resumes. I have also learned that you have to be careful with information shared online. 

I hadn't given adequate consideration to how to properly frame queries

I have learned that there are several different types of AI chatbots. I have learned that the more information you provide when seeking a response or assistance from chatbot, the more information you will receive. I have learned that there is a thing called Deepfakes in which voice and appearance can be modified to replace that of someone else, so be very careful about the information you provide online. 

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