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The difference between the advisor and the coach. Will be use to empower the student to meet goals.

Cover letters are important because the employer get to know your specific skills and it is professional to have it. Follow up emails are key to be successful in a job interview.

Team, remember to teach students to find the correct jobs for them, to sell themselves better.

I learned the importance of coaching students on how they can effectively integrate and contribute as a valuable team member within their organization.

The importance of thorough preparation before attending an interview, particularly in terms of preparing questions to ask employers. This proactive approach not only demonstrates keen interest but also ensures a mutually beneficial exchange during the interview process.

I learned invaluable tips and insights into crafting effective resumes, cover letters and professional references. It was particular enlightening to learn (specific detail or tips that was particularly helpful). 

It is crucial that we encourage students to utilize a comprehensive array of resources and establish clear expectations to facilitate their success. By understanding their specific needs, we can effectively guide them toward opportunities that align their career aspirations. 

Discussion Comment

I think career services office is the best place to start getting information about your future. 

I learned the significant impact staying connected with graduates and employers can have on improving our programs and services.

I learned the importance of workshops, through which we can teach students skills to obtain and maintain a good and good and well-paying job.

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