Career colleges are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of a diverse student body, future employment needs, and governmental mandates for the U.S. to be a "grad nation"! The individuals leading these schools will be the force behind our success. Whether a leader in the classroom, at a campus, or corporate office, this group will explore and dialogue about the skills, knowledge, and experience of today's most successful leaders. Perhaps we can share and learn more about the important role we all play in modeling and delivering effective leadership at every turn!

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Participation in CTE Leadership Scale | New discussion by Michelle Conrad

Faculty from the University of Central Missouri, Murray State University, Marshall University, and the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, are collaborating on the development of a CTE Leadership ...

Journalism and Media - Career Advice | New discussion by chetna vasishth

Students have many questions about pursuing a career in Journalism and Media. whether to study in India or abroad, new media or traditional media, which subjects to take in high school, formal media...

Chat Videos on College Experiences and Career Guidance | New discussion by chetna vasishth

Dear Educators, I am a teacher/trainer running a YouTube Channel on a ProBono basis. My intent is to fill the information gap between the applicants to university / college and the students at th...

Innovative Leadership in Higher Education | New comment by patricia barnett

Although lectures cannot be expected to be eliminated, I strongly believe that if they are to be conducted- students should be the presenters.  In other words, prepare students to work in grou...

Innovative Leadership in Higher Education | New blog by Dr. Jean Norris

Calling all leaders (or those who seek to lead)....we need you now!  Tremendous change in the sector calls for new ideas; innovation and the ability to move people forward.  Doing the same t...

The Threat of Career Colleges | New comment by Kelly Hess

Thank you for the attached content. Very interesting, and of course sad that Career Colleges aren't considered a solution.

I appreciate this information.



The Vultures are Hovering | New blog by Dr. Jean Norris

Given the investigations, bad press, student dissatisfaction and closures...what can leaders do to move through this to get back to work serving students????

What Went Wrong? | New blog by Dr. Jean Norris

When an organization is so broken the government shuts it down...what happened at the leadership level that allowed this to happen?

The Threat of Career Colleges | New blog by Dr. Jean Norris

Ever wonder why career colleges aren't considered as part of the solution to return America to an educated nation?  What is the allure of pushing the community college as the sole solution?  ...

Do We Need Different Higher Ed Leaders? | New comment by Angela Douglas