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I'm finding over the years that especially today's students, often lack some degree of analytical thinking as they want the answers the easy way. Thinking things through seems to not a priority. I do try to get them to think their way through a problem/question. 

It is satisfying when they start to get it and the dominoes start to fall. 

Being aware of the resources and areas of support, especially for children who are at greater risk of attempting suicide, is another step to support our students and children.

Recognizing that a student is experiencing emotional pain and taking action by giving them the immediate support they need is a plan all teachers should be aware of. 

Digital self-harm was a new idea to me, but it makes sense that students with depression would use that as a communication tool. As a teacher, and a parent, this course gives me many tools to support youngsters. 

Many of these facts were known to me, but some were surprising. Knowing the risk factors and how to surround students with as many support systems as possible will be my goal for helping students who are at risk for suicidal behavior.

A well rounded and thoughtful approach to all aspects of life will benefit the individual.  Applying these concepts to education is the first step in lifelong satisfaction and overall success.

The value and importance of student to students to help in making appropriate decisions


The psychology of being is an interesting assessment of needs.  To deny any one aspect of the full circle would result in an overall lack of success in becoming fully developed as a human and as an influencer for learners.  Positivity has to also acknowledge negativity.  The circle needs to be fulfilled.

I love the saying if you fail to plan you plan to fail. SMART goals help us set goals which allow us to make a complete plan for a lesson, week, or even a full semester. 

It is important to understand and utilize the different ways of engaging students. Summative and formative assessments will play a major role in assessing students. I could do better at understanding them. 

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