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I give my students the opportunity to explore and find what drives their interests. Then refine directions and create new focus.

I got a clearer understanding between the difference between formative and summative assessments

Untreated trauma can have an impact on a student's ability to focus ( attention span) and reading comprehension ability. 

In attempt to diminish  traumatic experiences , teen use/ abuse alcohol or drugs to self medicate. Due to the lack of emotional intelligence even for previous generations, it is serves as been difficult for educators and adults to recognize and cope with students who display behaviors associated with trauma. 

Trauma can be labeled as follows: acute, chronic, complex, and vicarious. 

75% of educators exhibit at least mild stress symptoms suggesting PTSD related to their teaching duties. All the more reason for the mental support provided by a number of districts as a benefit and resource.

3D Printing Organs could be a game changer!

Trauma can appear in students differently and can also be mistaken for other diagnosis if the person isn't experience in childhood trauma. There is 26% decline in  undertreated and untreated students that will likely not graduate high school compared to the 86% counterparts. 

Continue to be cognizant of my students countenance and demeanor , especially if they are displaying "off" like behavior.

Agency & accountability are always good traits to bolster

I like the idea of using peer discussion as a means of leveling out learning styles

It can be daunting to disentangle trauma effects from the normal chaos of growing up, & in both cases, being a calm, positive example & showing what it means to be here caringly seems so important

Engaging with empathy is paramount

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