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Problem solving and critical thinking refers to the ability to use knowledge, facts, and data to effectively solve problems. This doesn't mean you need to have an immediate answer, it means you have to be able to think on your feet, assess problems and find solutions.

I particularly like the thirty second talk, as it forces students to be accountable and focus on the topic. In  addition, students are required  to switch position, listener - talker, talker-listener, so students don't get a free ride, they have to participate in the activity. The group of 2 lessens students attempt to be just part of the group and depend on other students to contribute while they remain passive and just make up numbers.

A combination of hard skills, soft skills and IT or technology application skills will provide for a well rounded result. It isn't enough now or moving forward to be one dimensional. For example, for a welder to be rigid in their craft in such a manner as only focusing on welding without having favorable personality traits that compliment their craft might cause customers to seek welding services elsewhere. In contrast, a person with sales and marketing expertise that gives little consideration to the technical and vocational value of the welder might not be able to make the sale. The same… >>>

Working in teams can also eliminate the so-called "work" component from - work. Example, if any number of individuals is not pleased with a related project individually, pulling and pooling individual resources might result in a favorable result thereby creating a more harmonious work environment. 

Im excited to see what kinds of tech are out there for my welding program.  Having new welders with the tech resources to investigate all aspects of a weld, weld process, procedure as well as safety in the lab.  I'm a fan of PBL as well as WBL as welding is a science, it is often only truly grasp when the sparks start flying.

Having a welding simulator would be a great intro for new welders to "see how" without the needed gear for safety and weld integrity.  It could be a cost savings overall as no material waste/usage with… >>>

I like the 6 strategies:

Industry specific cases

Guest Speakers

Collaboration with local businesses

Group Projects

Field Trips

Recognize diverse learning styles:

Adapting Teaching Strategies

Address varied learning paces

Cultural Sensitivity

Use of Technology

In everything we do, we must do it with excellence. Be sure to set boundaries letting the students know that you are the teacher and they are the students!

Lessons, planing, lesson plans, lessons, and planning!!!

This mod really enforces, you guessed it, lessons and lesson planning  I do like the Georgia 3 stop model: I do, We do, You do as a great way to connect with visual and hands on learners.  I feel as this mod gave me direction for something I had planned for but wasn't sure how to achieve.


I learned how essential critical thinking is as part of an integrated education and should be encouraged to all student in their careers.

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