As a career and technical education professional, you understand the importance of preparing youth and adults for high-skill, in-demand careers. You're responsible for ensuring that your curriculum and teaching meet the needs of your students. This group is for CTE teachers who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary teaching performance to enhance student learning outcomes. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help us better serve students.

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Critical Thinking/Problem Solving | Origin: EC115 | New comment by Jennifer Peters

Using a brain break question in between concepts helps the student to pause and apply the new knowledge

Global/Multicultural Fluency | Origin: EC116 | New comment by Tracy McArthur

This is a great topic and I practice this everyday.

Instructional Alignment | Origin: EC102 | New comment by Kimberly Connors

Enforce my 3 roles as model, manager and motivator. Don't be a pal! Encourage daily!  

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving | Origin: EC115 | New comment by Brenda Chiles

By improving their critical thinking skills, students will not only be more desirable candidates for employment, but they will also be empowered with confidence and versatility.   

Positive Education in Action | Origin: EC140 | New comment by Brandon Hill

It's caused me to be better balanced at what I'm good at and what im not.  I am better aware of what I can offer to kids.

Suicide Literacy | Origin: EC120 | New comment by Brandon Hill

Many of the attempts to commit suicide are such to help with pain relief, not because they want thier life to end.

Trauma-Sensitive Learning Environments | Origin: EC105 | New comment by Jared Davis

i have learned that there is usually a reason for some students to be acting out and not be so quick to judge them.