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Planning and organizing lessons/content leads to better outcomes and less stress.

I have never heard of the Internet of Things and I didn't realize that AI along with 3D printing could create a manufacturing process that would be much more efficient with one-off manufacturing and adapting designs as they are produced. 

I didn't realize that PLA is biodegradable. This is the type of filament that we use with the 3D printer in my school so I'm glad to learn that the filament isn't creating further pollution. 

Formative assessments are used "along the way" and summative are used "at the end."

Although it doesn't directly apply to me, it's still an interesting concept that would keep things organized and relevant.  It really makes no sense to teach concepts that don't fit with the purpose or lead to the next step.

Communication and organization are key. Lack of either will cause low morale and chaos.

Students need to be able to describe and discuss ideas and be competitive to help them develop collaboration skills with real person to person discussions. In a classroom setting students brains may sync up during discussions. This will help them critical thinking skills.      

The trauma-informed school part was very good. In my situation, 78% of offenders have 5+ adverse childhood experiences that obviously can affect how they behave in a school situation.

We currently use 3D printing in my space, but we use PLA and I didn't realized all the other applications like printing ceramics and biotissue. It is a great way to learn to take a design from concept to reality and then test what works and what doesn't about the design. 

Teaching with student engagement is a great way to have them ask questions and question the fellow students as well as the teacher. Students that ask questions are more excited about the material being taught. Incorporating failure into the shop projects stimulates the mind more. Failure can be used in a positive way to better learn the lesson.

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