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Positive thoughts as well as energy will allow the student to be able to excel beyond their current self-limitations.


IT understanding and use in class are a key for productivity and engagement of the group of students

Overcome common challenges with the correct action plan and team work

Team work collaboration is key for group activities and common challenges. The bumps are the opportunity to re direct o re define common objectives

When the situation come wisdom, plans are part of the success and overcome the challenges. Take the lid and shine 

Critical thinking and problem solving are essential to make good progress in the daily live and in the real word. Problem solving related with evaluate the learning material is is a superior and valuable skill.  

I am going to try these positive interventions with my family, I think they could be very beneficial for us.

Knowing your personality strengths can lead to appreciating yourself and working on goals for the future. 

Reflecting and taking care of yourself, and then showing others how to do the same.

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