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Reframing Mystery Shopping | New comment by Lisa Bailey

As the ADOA at our campus I do not see the "GOTCHA" attitude. My team not only does well on the shopping but it is seen as a positive coaching tool by all.

Reframing Mystery Shopping | New blog by Dr. Jean Norris

It's amazing to me how the proactive strategy of shopping your own schools can be viewed as negative by admissions personnel.  After all, there are SO many great things happening that should be c...

Creating A Strong Compliance Plan | New discussion by Jay Hollowell

In concert with the proactive involvement of the triad, in your opinion, what critical elements and/or components constitute a strong compliance plan?

What are we responsible for? | New discussion by Melissa Palacios

As far as homework what is the standard we are responcible for? I have gotten differnt answers and am a little confused!

Compliance Plan Impacts Faculty and Staff | New discussion by Jay Hollowell

What direct impact should a compliance plan have on a school’s faculty, staff, outcomes and daily operations?

Admissions Training Outcomes | New discussion by Jay Hollowell

Do you have admissions training requirement in your state? If so, what have been the critical outcomes or results from the required training?

Meeting State Compliance Goals | New discussion by Jay Hollowell

What is your best advice to career schools and colleges in order to meet their state’s compliance goals?

College President Says Proposed Higher Education Regulations are Irrational | New blog by Robert Starks Jr.

Thomas Edison State College President Dr. George Pruitt said that some of the regulations that are being proposed for higher education are not rational. Does he have some good points regarding State A...

Negotiated Rule Making Around the Corner | New comment by Dan Grimm

I could not agree more and we will need to ensure our companies practices will meet any of the new expectations to come out of this process.

What are we responsible for? | New comment by Dan Grimm

Some homework should be done in groups, some alone, and some within class itself. It depends on the subject matter, but all of it should involve hands on application of the material taught