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After learning more about this. Do you feel it is safer to have an IX Coordinator on site or not? One not being on site meaning that the campus is too small. I feel like this presence should be known and will increase the chances of good healthy behavior and community building within the campus setting. Let me know your thoughts. Thank You.

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This is great, growing up we did not have this. I agree if we all keep an eye out, than everyone is much safer in the learning enviroment.

I plan to move forward with more knowledge and efficiency.


Great refresher.

Having observed several faculty being dismissed over Title IX violations over the years, I think it is important to educate faculty of the nuances of what constitutes a violation, because many faculty are simply unaware and accept violations as part of an institution's status quo.


This is very informative

The training on Title IX, VAWA, and the Cleary Act was very informative and insightful.  As an educator in today's world it is imperative to be informed and alert in areas concerning sexual harassment.  


Important information for all educators to be aware of


I have no idea who or what the ACCSC online training center is, but my certificate is dated June 1, 2021 from MaxKnowledge CM142-Understanding TITLE IX, VAWA, and the Clery Act.

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Verification code: bb52ac42d03d47ec2137ca64fa3d009a

I just signed into MaxKnowledge and am required to complete some 12 courses including this one and I am sure I completed some of the others too. Yet the site does not seem to keep a record of my completed courses.

Dr. Robert W. Touro

Take it seriously and repoti it to your Title IX Coordinator or local Deputy.

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