Title IX prohibits all forms of sex discrimination in education programs and activities in federally funded schools at all levels. The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) amended the Clery Act to add new crimes of sexual violence to a school’s Clery Act reporting obligations. VAWA overlaps with Title IX because VAWA Crimes are always a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX.

This group is for postsecondary education professionals to come together to discuss topics related to Title IX and VAWA compliance. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues improve compliance.

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Have You Been Involved? | New discussion by Mike Busjahn

Have you ever been involved in a title 9 investigation?   Did the process that was described in this unit seem familiar with what you experienced?   How was it the same or differen...

Encourage Safety Awareness | New discussion by Laura Tubbs

Take time to dialogue with your students about safety awareness techniques. Try not to be distracted and try and coordinate walking across campus to prevent unwanted aggressive acts. Encourage reporti...

Wisdom | New blog by Laura Tubbs

As I learn more about the significant power to investigate immediately once informed, my humble opinion would be to report immediatley to the Title IX coordinator any potential allegations in the hope...

Relevant | New blog by Natalie Gordon

To be able to properly utuilize resources is important for students and faculty. This information is needed as we have an ever shifting culture.

Is the institution liable for monetary compensation? | New discussion by Shashank Atre

Yes, I strongly feel that the college should be held liable.

Title IX | New file by Mark Arandia

History of title nine from the department of justice.

Completed required training on Title X, VAWA and Clery Act | New 2comment by consuela Benson

Did you complete the training with ACCSC online traing center?

Mandated Reporter Certification | New 3comment by Michele Kirton

Thank you.  This was very helpful.  Not every person understands what mandatory reporting requirements are and who it may effect.  

Building Safer Campuses | New discussion by Rakhsheed Siddiqui-Lane

 I think Title 9 prohibits discrimnation based on sex in a educational activities. VAMA reports sexual violence using policies and procedures. Cleary Act reports crime Statistics on college campu...

Online University | New comment by Summer Byer

I am not familar with the changes this month.