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Comment on Bobbet Mullings's post

I agree with you Bob specially adapting the 10% rules.

Advisory board is a very important part of a school because they give you a broad view of the community.

Key employees and the community is very essentials when choosing a new programs.

The community you are in is crucial for adding to new programs you need to know their need so your can met their them by adding to new program.


Comment on Bobbet Mullings's post

I agree with you setting goal before new programs is very important

it is always good to have a set of goals and discipline when implementing new programs 

it is very important to know your competitors and also to learn your community need as well.

This Section is really important, specially with orientation they know what they are getting into before they start school.

The five year is really a road map for success to reach your daily, Monthly and even the yearly goal.

This has been a challenge over the past 3 years. I have been providing snacks and drinks and also sending out thank you cards for participation. This has helped with retention.

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