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The LMS used for online instruction can be optimized to be a comprehensive resource and communication tool for faculty.  The materials in the sandbox can be updated consistently to keep the latest versions freshly available rather than emailing new versions of documents and material.

This module provided some great information about measuring and managing effective strategies for online instruction.  It is easier to work with faculty to evaluate and initiate improvements when you have qualitative and quantitative data to support needed changes.  

Evaluating the faculty performance within the first 30 days is essential to ensuring the development of effective faculty strategies for grading and supporting online engagement.

I like to do a standard learning needs assessment of new online faculty.  Many faculty have previously taught in multiple LMS platforms under different school policies.  That way I can get ahead of any assumptions that they may have about how our specific program is managed.  Doing orientation in phases is very helpful.  Also, I pair up faculty with another faculty mentor who is teaching the same or a similar course.  This helps them to feel supported and connected in a remote environment.

Faculty onboarding for online courses requires consistent oversight to ensure faculty have successfully completed each aspect of training.

New faculty need lots of review for their courses to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of feedback for students and for graded online assignments.

How do you confirm faculty appropriateness for online courses?  For example, is there a limit for how long ago a faculty worked in Community Health for a CH course, or was in leadership who is teaching a leadership course.

There are many different considerations when hiring online faculty.  The variables in institutional and state policies as well as accreditation guidelines can impact decisions about who would be best be hired to teach in specific programs.

Comment on Elizabeth Murphy's post: Great point! Especially if your instructors have demonstrated positive student outcomes, you would want to mimic that. 

Marketing and Budgeting are key aspects of running a successfull institution. You need to constantly monitor the execution of your plan and be ready to make adjustments when the assumptions are not being met.

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