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It is important to select the correct board members to meet the goals of the school. 

I have learned the importance of the board.


Data analysis is very important to see where the institution is standing, doesn't matter if it needs a new career or needs adjustments and modernize our current careers

What data to use and how to use it to get a better idea on what opportunities and needs are there in the community

I liked this because I have my fist advisory board being new in the education field and this has sure helped me to understand the importance of the board.

I think recruiting is great! 

I see that job analysis is very important to assure that you are finding the right people. 

This session really helped me understand the implementation of a program.

Being a new Executive Assistant, in the education field, this has been great to help me understand the launch of new programs.  

The employment of current practitioners as instructors in the educational arena is becoming more prevalent. Some schools are even indicating a preference of ‘up-to-date’ instructors who are currently practicing the discipline being taught

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