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ED322 - Introduction to Culinary Instruction

The world of dining is experiencing change and growth.  Instructors in the culinary arts need to be aware of the latest in food selection, preparation and presentation along with the business side of the field.  This group is for culinary arts instructors who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Fun and Practical Ideas for Teaching Culinary Math | New discussion by Erin Coopey

I've been refining the way I teach culinary math over the past few years. I try to get students to common sense thinking about "what" we are doing rather memorizing formulas. Does anyone have any fun ...

Action Plan for Culinary Instructor | New blog by Brian Kaywork

After completing the Introdution to Culinary Education course, I can see that some simple interactive assignments will benefit my classroom. - Using a combination of techniques to engage the students...

Teaching is a responsibility from the heart | New comment by billie sutton

I teach because I care and I care and this is why I teach. I can never seperate the two or I will have to stop teaching!

Teaching with Practical application | New blog by Peter George

As my parents taught me is that Wisdom is applied knowledge. So with that in mind . I am a great believer in learning from the learners. As a professional in this Industry for over forty years and te...

Teaching is a responsibility from the heart | New comment by Jorge Castaneda

One of the beautiful things about being chef is passing on knowledge all the while knowing that you are a conduit for all the great chefs that made you who you are today.

Teaching is a responsibility from the heart | New comment by cynthia fortin

I totally agree, as teachers we have an obligation to give our very best to our students.

Teaching is a responsibility from the heart | New blog by John Choe

I believe we as teachers have a great opportunity to share knowledge that has footprints from the past as a legacy

Maintaining Student Interest | New comment by John Choe

@jae393 I am always aware that what the students dont know is an opportunity to open up a new world. This is specially true when it relates to new ingredients. Its origin and flavor etc

Encouraging Accuracy | New comment by Jae Gruber-Price

Russell, This is an excellent point to share with students. Accuracy and cosistency are the key to repeat business! Jae Gruber

Communicating Plating Elements | New comment by Jae Gruber-Price

Ted, What a great way to explain plating! Thanks for sharing a great idea. Jae Gruber