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Students need to understand the value of many different aspect of the restaurant life: to be an accomplished chef it is not enough to cook  well but it is extremely important to have psychology training and enough math knowledge to maintain a healthy business

Being a new instructor it was very important for me to read how student need to be kept motivated and how to trigger their interest.  Understanding their backgrounds and the different age groups is fundamental to find the right way to communicate with everyone of them. 

Encouraging students to go to places to eat and take photos is a great idea. Creating a discussion with the class about their dining experience and the same applies to instructors to stay current.

Educating the students on proper sanitation. Allowing the students, a role in enforcing other students the practice of sanitation and having the role changed so they all have an opportunity.

Giving the students examples from first hand experience in the industry. Showing them the importance of having a wide range of skills/Knowledge.

Many Great Points in this reading and I will definitely be thinking more on how to help them better receive the information that is being taught.

As an instructor you need to be able to have realistic expectations. You can't take years of experience that you have and push that onto the student. I also think that cell phones are a great resource, as long as they are monitored. They can become a huge distraction if not.     

I have Learned of different ways to test knowledge. Using engaging tv shows alongside of the students' homework can actually be beneficial to the student. I love the idea about taking a trip to a local food purveyor to see how they store items and utilize HACCAP. 

The topics mentioned so far are also addressed in the text I use for my high school culinary class. I'm encouraged to know that I've been on the right track. 

I appreciate the explanation of generational learning styles. 

As instructor and role model I believe it is important as mentioned to share our experiences and explain to students the various culinary paths that exist in the industry without presenting a bias. It’s imperative for the industry to guide students with passion and the the urge to improve their skill and craft to all parts of the industry.

It is also important for us to continually be educating ourselves whether it be with food trends, food science, latest ingredients, food politics, food systems, etc to really be able to answer and students questions or intrigues they have for us.

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