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Additional source for learning, attractive to gen X, Y and Z
It empowers teachers to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. lacks human interaction and may be unreliable
student engagement and flip classroom
Learned history of AI and possible uses in many fields

ChatGPT can enhance students' learning, as it gives quick feedback, and useful learning information, can summarize course notes, and assists with creating writing. 

The chatGPT can assist students in enhancing knowledge but students need to understand that the information could be outdated or misleading or may not be complete. Teachers can guide the students about ChatGPT. 

ChtGPT has many uses: It can be used for tutoring students, writing assistance, looking up books, journals, gaming and many more things. 

I have learned that artificial intelligence will benefit humanity on a massive scale. We will move faster and will learn faster. Just like the automobile made cities smaller, artificial intelligence will make all of us smarter. A lot of the Monday and things that we have to do from day to day slows down will be done by artificial intelligence

I learned that there are many benefits, students can interact and get feedback about learning with ChatGPT. Can get assistance with complex problems. 

While technology-enabled learning offers advantages like cooperative and collaborative learning, it may not suit all students. Some students require additional motivation. Designing learning experiences that cater to different learning styles and individual goals within the course framework is crucial. This approach shifts the role of the instructor from merely providing instruction to guiding students in acquiring information for real-world application.

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