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Considering starting out with a blog in one class and see how that goes. Hopefully carry it over to other courses. 

Like various active learning strategies, different forms of technology are tools which can help in the classroom. Not every one is right for every situation, and we can't expect to accomplish everything with one piece of technology. Use the tool, but be careful with the tool. 

The use of tablets will be the new now. Interactive learning, critical thinking, and community can be better accomplished with the proper use and implementation of tablets. 

Tablets are a two-edged sword. Yes if left on their desk with the ability to navigate outside of an app will be very distracting. 

My opinion: However, if we can keep them in an app we can offer more interactivity. 

Communicating with others to make sure programs are running smoothly. 

Incorporating new technologies into the classroom will help engage students better than just using plain lecture or PowerPoint by itself.

I have learned many different applications to incorporate into the classroom to engage today's student, especially the use of VR and simulation.  

Learning about the different technologies to bring to the classroom is a great idea.  Currently, we do not adapt to social media applications at this time.  In our blackboard we can set up discussion blogs for students to post comments or video conference for online learning.

I like the idea of moving away from PowerPoints to new applications for student learning.  With so many apps it is quite overwhelming.  I don't quite understand the slide share concept as at my college we use blackboard and PowerPoints are accessible before class and after for students to review.

I see that more students in the future will be able to apply more concepts using simulation tools in nursing programs.

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