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Hello, I have learned that GPT CHAT is a powerful tool but open to changes and regulations. Also that it can help students with limitations and disabilities. CHAT GPT is open to improvement and recognizes its weaknesses.

Lo que se ha aprendido sobre la inteligencia artificial (IA) y ChatGPT en este módulo es: Los modelos de lenguaje generativos, como GPT, que pueden generar texto coherente a partir de una entrada. ChatGPT se utiliza para responder preguntas, redactar correos electrónicos, generar código y más. Puede automatizar tareas y proporcionar asistencia en programación.

Limitaciones. La ética y la seguridad son importantes al aplicar IA.

En cuanto a cómo aplicarlo: Utilizamos ChatGPT para automatizar respuestas o generar contenido. Así como asistencia en Programación ya que ayuda con problemas técnicos o depuración de código. Crea historias, poemas o arte visual.

Hemos aprendido una serie de conceptos y aplicaciones fundamentales sobre la inteligencia artificial (IA) y en particular, sobre ChatGPT.

La comprensión y aplicación de la IA y modelos como ChatGPT pueden transformar positivamente diversos aspectos de nuestra vida personal y profesional. Sin embargo, es esencial abordar estos avances con responsabilidad y ética, asegurando que los beneficios se distribuyan equitativamente y que se minimicen los riesgos y desafíos asociados.

Like any other younger generation, learning that most likely students are using this more often than what we really know. But it can be used for writing support. 

There are both advantages and disadvantages with using AI, just like any other technological trend. But it is good to reflect on these aspects and how to incorporate the advantages of it into the classroom. 

I can use it as a supporting tool and hopefully educate students about learning how to enter prompts. 

I learned the history, or the foundation, of AI. There is also more to AI than ChatGPT. 

One of the things to consider updating or noting from the portion of the training revolves around the release of ChatGPT 4 and ChatGPT 4o. In one of the lessons, it makes the statement that one of the limitations is that it does not have access to real-time information because it is not connected to the web. This is no longer the case as ChatGPT is connected to the web and utilizes Bing as a search engine. 

The concepts surrounding its evolution have been around much longer than many realize. The benefits are something worth considering and, rather than dissuading, encouraging and demonstrating proper use appears to be the better route. 

I have learned that those that are encouraging AI are not just there for a free for all, they are concerned about the dangers that go along with the power of AI.

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