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Interesting that we are thinking we can use it moderately or keep it in check when it seems fairly clear it will do most things demonstrably better than we do within a few years

Has proven helpful in drafting syllabi & organizing content for powerpoints

Disconcerting that this is the only human enterprise wherein its founders recognize a risk so existential in reach that they attempted to delimit their own power. 

Generative AI can be a very useful tool, but only IF it is vetted and used in the classroom in meaningful ways.


Utilizing applications to help deliver better information to students.  Example Babble for learning a new language

or ATI  nursing curriculum online that is in line with theory and clinical class.  

Kolb theory was concerned with the students internal learning process.

Both Transformative and Cooperative learning involve group dynamics and learning.  Delving into a subject matter deeper and with reflection is transformative however cooperative learning is geared to do an activity to learn.

Constructivist Learning is problem based learning. Not passive pedagogical learning.  


Innovation comes from taking a chance on something new in strategies in the delivery of information. The goal is to increase better understanding and improve student academic outcomes, while addressing real problems to promote equitable learning. 

Though ChatGPT has the potential to be abused by students I think it is a tool that is worth implementing to enhance the classroom experience.

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