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It can be challenging to meet the learning styles of all students when your classroom is widely diverse. For example, when you have 2 or 3 students who haven't yet mastered the English language, generational differences, and poor technology skills.

So much of this method involves elearning and online platforms. It seems like the classroom teacher is getting further and further pushed out. 

True experiential learning involves a cycle of concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptalization, and active experimentation.

Transformational learning involves a lengthy and complicated 10-step process. 

It is important to move past the instructor-centered approach to teaching and put the cognitive load on the students for more meaningful learning. 

Engaged and active learning activities are so important for true learning. 

One positive about ChatGPT is it allows educators and students to generate working ideas. On the flip side, humans can rely on ChatGPT to think for them and, therefore, eliminates the thinking process for educators and students.

Educators can leverage ChatGPT in their curriculum creatively. For example, instructors may ask their students to utilize ChatGPT to generate ideas on how to start a certain group project. 

I learned that AI will continue to evolve and become available for the public to utilize and find information at exponential speed. Many of the internet browsing services will offer AI interfaces and, thus, creating a competitive market for the use of AI. 

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