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It is an interesting entry that allows us to paint a practical picture of IA and how it can facilitate many processes, It is important to generate the appropriate use of each of these AI tools, which, although they allow to improve time, also help to limit some ways of thinking. 

I've learned that ChatGPT is a great tool which I am looking forward to learn and explore more so I can use it properly in the classroom with my students.

Tiene sus pro y contras, pero en general es necesario ver aplicar los beneficios que se tienen tanto para estudiantes como docentes, siempre y cuando se pueda controlar el uso.

He aprendido que ChatGPT puede ser usado por los alumnos para hacer trampa, contestar preguntas de pensamiento critico, hacer tareas de ensayo ya que solo copian y pegan no estan analizando la informacion. sin embargo considero que sabiendola usar es una gran herramienta para apoyar el estudio. 

I have learned some of the benefits of AI 

I can use it  to guide students  as a research assistant for information  and proposal development.

Ive leaned that ChatGPT potential uses are not  being discovered yet. I would like to explore more ways for deliver information  in customizable ways to my students .

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I never thought about ChatGpt to support mental health.  I used it this year to help me write evaluations for my team.  I think it would help with feedback to students.  

Much of this was a review for me but learned some alternate ways to use Chatgpt. 

Aunque hay muchos riesgos con el uso de chatgpt, las ventajas pesan más, además es necesario estar a la vanguardia en estos temas

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