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I am particularly impressed with students feedback on the myriad of ways in which students can utilise their ChatGPT experience to improve their general performance.  As an instructor I will continue to encourage students to use ChatGPT to organise their class notes making it easier for them to study and pass their exams. In addition, I will use it to help students trigger prompts or brainstroms ideas for writing especially when creating business letters.

Even though ChatGPT offer so much benefits like everything else, it has limitations which instructors and other users must be aware of.  Individuals have a tendency to misuse it without taking into consideration its inaccuracies. and unreliability to a certain extent.

For students who are easily distracted, it can be difficult at times. I  have to ensure that it is an engaging activity and it peaks their interest and relate it to real life situations.  Moreover, I have to monitor them a great deal because sometimes, Yes, the class can be engaged  in a technological activity but students may use the opportunity to respond to their friends on social media.

I am particulary excited about the many benefits that ChatGPT provides especially in education.  From what I have gathered it helps to make instructor's workload less burdensome and then on another note, it provides strategies for students who struggle especially those with disabilities, I believe this can transform their learning experience on a daily basis. In general,  I intend to use it to enhance the lesson plans of my IEP students and also for those  when they are required to prepare reearch papers or create letters.  My plan is  to allow them to use it to assist with the brainstroming… >>>

In this module I met the International Society for Technology in Education (ITSE) and I think it is a great contribution for those of us who dedicate ourselves to the study of educational technology.

I think that the information provided in this module about the tools for making presentations is very valuable and helps to refresh the potential of each one. Thank you!

Este curso me ha resultado sumamente interesante, ya que recupera la importancia del constructivismo como teoría del aprendizaje que coloca al estudiante en el centro de la escena educativa. El profesor que se posiciona en esa teoría promueve, alienta y estimula al estudiante a "ir por más"; que sea protagonista, que resuelva o presente modos de resolver problemas, que pueda crear...

En ese proceso, la tecnología ocupa un rol central. Como profesora, no puedo dejar a mis estudiantes al margen de los cambios tecnológicos. Es necesario adentrarlos en las discusiones, en la indagación de las nuevas herramientas para que puedan… >>>

Interesting that we are thinking we can use it moderately or keep it in check when it seems fairly clear it will do most things demonstrably better than we do within a few years

Has proven helpful in drafting syllabi & organizing content for powerpoints

Disconcerting that this is the only human enterprise wherein its founders recognize a risk so existential in reach that they attempted to delimit their own power. 

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