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Using current forms of media will keep students more engaged and involved with classwork. 

This is an interesting unit in learning about the availability of the technology. The resources identified will definitely help to deliver content to my students. Being of a different generation, although technology has been a huge part just not to the extent of the younger generation, I do understand the importance of utilizing these resources to help not only keep students engaged but to help them get the full benefit of the subject being taught.

I am very impressed I was unaware of all of the resources for presentations that are available for use, and I will definitely explore all of the ones mentioned. Coming from bedside care to educator I struggle with presentations that have been basically power point presentations that do not seem to connect with the student.

Open AI has already led to bias based on the founders such as GOOGLEs release that took and replaced the race of historical figures. Huge potential problem with AI 

I like how this portion mentioned the learning environment... how it plays a huge part in helping the students' relationships with their learning abilities.

Learning comes in different styles, techniques and options where the instructor and the students can experience growth. 

I learned that ChatGPT offers various benefits for educators in regards to reducing the workload of the teachers.

In this module, it presents me with the limitation and the impacts of misuses ChatGPT that can occur in the education field.

This is a very useful module talking about the drawbacks and limitations of ChatGPT while other sources do not mention these aspects that much.

I have learned some background behind the AI inventions.

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