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Comment on Elizabeth Rodriguez's post: We use YouTube videos as well, but it is challenging to find current content.  I have not heard of Teacher Tube.  I will definitely check it out.  Thank you for your post.

Hand-on learning is extremely beneficial for students .

Technology is changing everyday and it’s important for instructors to be aware.

Collaborative learning is important in classrooms.

Cooperative learning is an important part of teaching.

It is important to take the real life experience students have into consideration.

It is important to understand the way your student learn.

Tablets can be beneficial in teaching settings.

Technological can help students who are struggling .

As a trade school instructor students need to see and use real tools with real equipment before myself as their mentor feel comfortable sending them out in the real world.  Now that being said, we do have a computer room with dozens of stations where students have access to all kinds of modules, simulators, and many interactive programs that are very useful.


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