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Hands on learning is how most of us grew up. It is what most people feel is the best way to learn. There are a variety of ways to learn. Having virtual classrooms can make success for some students a reality. Not everyone has transportation or may have other matters making in person classes impossible. I think as a teacher we need to be able to reach students no matter how they learn. Discussion boards can be engaging in the classroom. It can also be very boring to the students and tedious for them. I personally like discussion boards when… >>>

Understanding the student type of learning can help the instructor better prepare the students for the real world after graduation. Having a variety of different strategies in teaching will make the instructor more effective. The use of self-grading tools can help the instructor not burn out as quickly. It also gives the student opportunity to see the grade right away so they know where they need to improve.
Technology is very supportive of all learning types including people with disabilities. It provides a wide range of opportunities to learn in a way that benefits everyone. I would use all technology that will help me or anyone else learn a skill.

The What in it for me? is important to know before starting to roll out any process. How it will improve the environment and what the cost is or estimations are necessary for the stakeholders to know. Is this technology going to address areas of concern that need improvement. Then a plan for implementation and a timeline are necessary. Communication throughout the entire process will be essential to make sure the timeline is being achieved as well as the financial aspect. Stay in budget or understand why the budget might be changing as the process continues. Training staff with the… >>>

Additional source for learning, attractive to gen X, Y and Z
It empowers teachers to create dynamic and engaging learning environments. lacks human interaction and may be unreliable
student engagement and flip classroom
Learned history of AI and possible uses in many fields

ChatGPT can enhance students' learning, as it gives quick feedback, and useful learning information, can summarize course notes, and assists with creating writing. 

The chatGPT can assist students in enhancing knowledge but students need to understand that the information could be outdated or misleading or may not be complete. Teachers can guide the students about ChatGPT. 

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