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Bias is something that students observe very quickly and will affect there performance in school and in life.

My biggest takeaway was the importance for instructors to incorporate teaching strategies that provide opportunities for observing, doing, exploring, expanding, and problem-solving. These strategies will effectively engage many different generational learners and create a dynamic learning environment that caters to their unique characteristics and preferences.

This module showcased the importance of recognizing technology's impact on a classroom and how it affects generations differently. Things that educators need to take into consideration when teaching a class with different generational students should include comfort with technology, learning preferences, communication abilities and collaboration, attention spans, and multitasking capabilities. Technology in the classroom can have a positive impact on many different generational learners. Still, it must be understood that each generation may approach and engage with technology differently based on their experiences and comfort levels. As educators, we need to be able to tailor our teaching strategies to engage… >>>

It was awesome to learn how different generations view learning.

Technology is here and will evolve in the future. However, different generations are on different levels with learning through technology.

This information assist me to reach various students levels of understanding.

Instructors should understand the differences between the generations for various approaches to instruction.
This was a great refresher on the different personalities I deal with on a daily basis in the classroom and what the diagnosis means and how I can accommodate them.
As a nurse of 16.5 years who teaches health science, I have never heard of some of these disabilities, and this was very eye-opening for me.
I learned about all the different disabilities I have never considered since I have not encountered them in the classroom. I also learned how we can better accommodate these students so that they have more positive educational outcomes.

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