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Being opened minded and receptive to all learning styles make you an overall better rounded individual. All the generations learning and adapting to each others benefitting all. 

How technology plays in integral role in the multigenerational and the human interaction aspect of always being connected and technology at your fingertips. 

Adapting, learning and being flexible in understanding and comprehending the multigenerational diverse generations. 

Vast differences and minor similarities between multigenerational people. 

I am glad there is learning apps and options for students with learning disabilities.

All people can be intelligent in their own way. Accommodations and modifications can assist people with disabilities to be success but yet complete tasks.

I did not realize the many different learning disabilities. Many students have these behaviors that have not been diagnosed.

I understand the importance of the steps it takes to be able to read. 

I should not wait to see the demographics of my students, I should know that they will be diverse no matter what.

Learning preferences are important for the instructor to realize and it helps to have different types of assessments to play on students'preferred way of learning. Learning challenges need support and accommodations, and instructors must respond to those on an individual level. 

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