College student populations are becoming more diverse.  The range of diversity among current students is wide thus requiring all college personnel to become familiar with how each respective population group needs to be supported to achieve their career goals. This group is for all college personnel who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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ASD | New blog by Robert Whyte

I have, over the years, taught many students who presented an IEP when first entering the classroom. The IEP would generally specify certain accomodations such as extra time on tests and lab activitie...

Students with PTSD & TBI | New blog by Blake Edwards

I work in an institution that provides education to students with PTSD & TBI and will strive to use the tools in the lesson to help them become more effective students.  As a military retiree...

Students suffering PTSD | New blog by Gema Herrera

It was enlightning all this information and how we have students suffering PTSD disorder. It helped a lot all the techniques I learned today. I will be implementing the techniques in my classes. 

new teaching techniques | New blog by Leslie Karbassi

I will encorporate more technology into my teaching and use more different ways to engage thru powerpoints, skype learning tool etc.

Diversity acknowledgement | New blog by Ahdy Rofaeil

It's an amazing idea to raise this issue of the diversity in classrooms. It stikes many strings on how instructors manage this issue effectively.

Considering ESL students | New blog by Ahdy Rofaeil

I strongly agree that instructors shouldn't consider ESL students as stuggling students. They should be praised for their ability to learn & be proficiennt in English, as this takes away the shame...

Stereotyping | New blog by Ahdy Rofaeil

This is the most important practical tip for any instructor, never stereotype. I found it very difficult for me at the beginning & sometimes till now. 

Wisdom | New blog by DR. ALLISON LEGGETT

It is best to not assume the background of my students based on their looks, accent or national origin. It is best to learn about them through their discussion and work with them to better understand ...

ptsd...... | New blog by Robert Davis

i did not know there was so many evolving terms of condition for this over the last few hundred years, good read.