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It is important to teach in a way that taps into all the learning preferences of my students. 

The ablility to speak multiple languages gives students both advantages and disadvantages. It is our job as instructors to cause this to become a strength in their lives.

Not to be "blind" when I see my students. This will not help me reach them at the individual level.

The different learning styles and languages are something to be aware of as an instructor.

I'm really hoping to find more apps to aid my students. They seem to respond well to that!

I wish more adults in the workforce would disclose their diverse would help normalize it.

I do wonder how this information affects atypical learners (ones that are older and going back to school). They were very likely undiagnosed and it is an uphill battle for them to accept any diagnoses now. I feel like this results in them not appreciating the tools they need to put in place to be successful.

I find the evolution of disabilities to be an interesting topic.

Identifying learning styles and motivating students to take positive advantage of such style is a rewarding  and enhancing learning technique

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