College student populations are becoming more diverse.  The range of diversity among current students is wide thus requiring all college personnel to become familiar with how each respective population group needs to be supported to achieve their career goals. This group is for all college personnel who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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Educating Students with Disabilities | Origin: ED408 | New comment by Lourdes Antay

When dealing students with disability in the classroom we should maintain organized place and limit distraction. Always focus and prioritize the learner and give students with special needs...

The Diversity in “Diverse” | Origin: ED137 | New comment by Judith Seme, PhD, RN

I feel that it is important to be inclusive of the various cultures of the student population. Each one can teach one and learn from another. I think everyone has something valuable to add to...

Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) | Origin: ED130 | New comment by Maynard Engle

Very interesting, I can totally relate to this as I myself was very physically abused as a child.  Never knew there was help for this but did know I had a difficult time learning in my younger...

Learning Preferences and Challenges | Origin: ED137 | New comment by Daisy Magimaidason

Instructors can use a variety of teaching strategies to reach out to meet the different learning styles of the students.

Language as a Reflection of Culture | Origin: ED137 | New comment by Daisy Magimaidason

Second language of a student matters and contributes to understanding the subject they are learningand thank you for highlighting it!  

Culture vs. Race | Origin: ED137 | New comment by Daisy Magimaidason

As instructors we must communicate effectively, use language that is inclusive to all cultutures as it impacts students' learning outcomr.  

The Diversity in “Diverse” | Origin: ED137 | New comment by Daisy Magimaidason

I am teaching students from diverse cultural background. It is vital to accept individual difference in students in order to facilitate learning.  

Building Cultural Competency in Instructors | Origin: ED404 | New comment by Yvette Prior

A top takeaway form this course relates to how being "color blind" is not the aim; instead, we want to undertsand differences and similarities so we can all communicte and work together effectively....

General Challenges When Teaching Veterans | Origin: ED142 | New comment by Yvette Prior

My top takeaway from the first part of ED142 is that "all students benefit" when we teach with flexibility to cater to diversity within the stduent body. The second takeaway was the reminder that we...

The Diversity in “Diverse” | Origin: ED137 | New comment by LaToya Seaton

Every student is unique in their own way.