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I learn there is a right and wrong way to give accommodations to students 

Students will make mistakes but it is vital to allow them to recovery from mistakes.

Students learn in different ways and it is important to explore all the ways that students can learn 

Having accommodations for students is important to allowing them to learn 

From this module I learned that there are alot of legal aspects to students with disabilities and I should be aware of them to ensure a good learning space.

For this class, I learned that being an instructor I should be aware of all the different disabilities that students may have to ensure a successful learning environment

It is important to identify the students as individuals, understand their cultural experiences and adapt the education program so that everyone can feel included and supported in learning.  this inclusion and support comes not only from the educator, but also the student peers as well

i think its important to be intentinoally inclusive.  this way you are seen to be making an effort to maintain a safe and prospering learning environment for all students.

Comment on Samanthessa Jacob's post:

This module has delivered some amazing information to utilize in the classroom regarding so many of our students with multiple aspects of disabilities. I believe the most interesting thing I learned is the UDL, which approaches learning to all in a general format to deliver equal learning to all. Therefore, any student if disability or not has the chance to receive what is needed to help achieve their educational goal.


I think self awareness is key to implementing cultural competency.  Cultural competency gives you the tools to consider alternate perspectives than your own inherent biases.

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