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Offer a variety of learning materials and resources that cater to different learning preferences to help with lessening learning challenges.

When using language to explore culture, it's important to be respectful and sensitive to cultural differences. Avoid making assumptions or generalizations, and be open to learning from diverse perspectives.

Effective education must consider both cultural diversity and racial equity to ensure that all students have access to high-quality learning experiences and opportunities for success.

Everyone is different rather it be the way they think, learn, or interact. We need to be aware of the many possiblities and keep an open mind to figure out how we can best help each student learn effectively.

There is a difference between a 504 Plan and an IEP. The IEP only follows the student until they graduate 12th grade or reach the age of 21. The 504 Plan can help them with college accomodations

Ive gained some insight as to how TBI can affect the individual in more than one aspect. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD all play equal roles.

I took notes while taking this part of the course. What I found interesting was the  5.2 million adults that may develop PTSD. I learned about the various military terms used for PTSD and their evolution of terms. Realizing that there is a lot of childhood trauma is saddening. When I think about the generations today, they are being more coddled which I think in my opinion is leading to more trauma. There is a higher divorce rate now than before which leads to these traumatic events in children and young adults. High school can be difficult for some while… >>>

Building cultural competency in instructors is essential for creating inclusive and effective learning environments. Applying Professional development, Self-Reflection, Exposure to Diversity and Inclusion, Collaboration and Support, and Feedback into our personal development growth plan will prioritize the development of cultural competency among instructors, educational institutions can create more inclusive and equitable learning environments.  

Learning preferences are the way that a student can retain information.

Helping all students apply their English language from their native speak is important for learning.

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