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This module help me to envision different ways of inclusion. 

The statistics are overwhelming. Knowing that it can happen to anyone at any age, race and gender, as educators we are mindful and can help students seek professional help, be more empathetic and patient. And as state in the article that sometimes we experience drama and we do even know it. Learning about it will also help us recognize if we are experiencing it ourselves or if our love ones are going thru it or not. 

I have learned to appreciate to generations of learners 

Students with disabilities have options on how to learn subject matter. Accommodations help the indiviual be successful. 

All types of students can have learning disabilities. It is important that they have them addressed early to ease delayed learning concepts. 

This was a great unit full of good information to help teachers better serve our students. The care and understanding that goes along with different dissabilities are addressed and brought to light. 

How to teach students with disabilities. 

Do not assume that your students are or aren't going to be the ones that will pay attention in class.

good course with good concepts for teaching veterans

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