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I should not wait to see the demographics of my students, I should know that they will be diverse no matter what.

Learning preferences are important for the instructor to realize and it helps to have different types of assessments to play on students'preferred way of learning. Learning challenges need support and accommodations, and instructors must respond to those on an individual level. 

Having access to "mother tongue" and student's original language will always enhance student's additional language learning.

Oftentimes in my teaching career, I have taught in another country to students of a completely different culture. Learning how they think, live, believe, and learn things is crucial, and should be used even when teaching in my own home country. 

Always keep in mind the individual student and their experiences when planning lessons for the whole group, and strive to be as inclusive as possible. 


I haven't worked with students with disabilities in a few years, and I am pleasantly surprised at the number of apps that can support and enhance accommodations. It's amazing what some of them can do!

Students with disabilities, whether they receive accommodations or not, should be learning how to advocate for themselves from a young age. This requires the support, instruction, and feedback from parents and teachers, so that the students can have lifelong success through secondary and post-secondary education. 

There are so many ways the brain can present differences in processing, attention, memory, and behavior. It's important for instructors to be aware of what students are going through so they are given the right accommodations and supports. 

Students with learning disabilities are varied and need an instructor who understands their struggles and is willing to provide supports or modifications for them to learn the content in a method that they can understand. 

I believe that everyone does have the ability to benefit from the educational experience although if students are treated fairly and with respect the learning environment is ineffective

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