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Bringing technology into the classroom must be a deliberate, structured approach with clear expectations and boundaries.

Gen Z (Post-Millennial students) can be demanding as they want information immediately. Instructors should do their best to view these generations in a positive light.

We can not forget that there are lots of examples of people with learning disabilities; Einstein is perhaps the most famous of them. It is true that the school system of the time greatly underestimated him, and he excelled more at math AFTER he came up with the basics of Relativity, because he realized he needed to master mathematics to work out all the implications. 


Comment on Erin Coopey's post:  yes please, we have learned how to diagnose the problems, I would like more information on what we can do to help these students, besides labeling the students. 

Comment on Patrick Church's post:  well said

Learning more about the apps would be interesting!  If I had that when I was younger, I would have been a much better student. 

Student with disabilities have resources they can use such as apps. 

Having lived with LD, I can relate to these students at a level that helps pull the best out of the student.  I have had to do much of the self advocacy. I have learned more about the science behind diagnosis and also more about how we can accomodate

self advocacy is important.

I believe that post-secondary institutions should counsel students with learning disabilities as far as the direction they should go with a career. I do not believe that students that struggle in certain areas due to learning disabilities should be given false hope that they may be successful in a career that requires them to do things they are not capable of. 

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