Student learning style

I felt this course had good big picture tips to incorporate into course instruction.  My top take-aways

1. accurately assessing student's background knowledge and readiness to comprehend course material

2. break up topics into small units to allow for improved retention and comprehension of subject matter

3. vary instructional material to address a variety of learning styles.

4.  I also liked the tip on how to keep standards high in the course, as being interpreted as having higher expectations for student learning.  I.e. not that the course material is so difficult only few can master, but that I must insist that every student will learn the material and that I do everything I can to help them get there.  

I think my challenges will be to be able to adapt content to varying learning styles, especially with a larger group size.  I think pre-assessment will be helpful to minimize confusion.  I also think having an announcements slide at the beginning of each class will be very helpful to keep students up-to-date and focused on what each lecture is intended to accomplish.

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