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Stress, Burnout and Teachers in the Philippines

The Philippine society has been plagued by false beliefs. One of them, making your job, your life, and always going the extra mile... for a job where you are replaceable.

Teachers in the Philippines, from both public and private schools are overworked. Apart from teaching duties, giving lessons, creating plans and exams, they are bombarded with administrative work, extra curricular work, "baby sitting" work, and all other things teachers had to endure since time immemorial. Still, they remain to be in one of the most underpaid professions.

Working beyond office hours, teachers literally spend at least 70 percent of their lives working. From the big tasks like accreditations, to simpler ones like checking hundreds of papers, teachers have little or no time to relax.

Thankfully, the concept of mental health and work life balance have permeated even the educational sector. Apart from being responsible for their own mental health, teachers are more equipped with assistance from their institutions and the government as well.. I hope this progresses. 

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