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On-line classes | New blog by Kenneth Martin

I took this course to see what was the best practice wisdom for jumping in to this process. It will depend upon the institution to decide whether it wants to delve into this arena, or continue to be a...

Course in desperate need of an update. | New blog by Joanie Conwell

This course discusses CD-ROMS as appropriate technology. When is the last time anyone used a CD-ROM? Please update the course to make it relevant for 2018 and beyond.

Containers | New file by Daeron Lockett

This is an example of a container.

Wisdom | New comment by Tammy Gorman

I believe that reall world experience and be brought to online learning by using compare and contrast, advantages and disadvantages writhing theory.

Intellectual Interaction - Q? | New comment by Karyn Laitis

I've found that breaking down the "skill-set" similar to breaking down the steps in a dance, and creating an assessment (1 or 0) if the step was performed.  The sub-steps will depend on the...

Technology is a tool and not a Process | New comment by Karyn Laitis

Yes, and with more technological advances--Artificial Intelligence (which is becoming more reality), we will find these tools morphing into process.  Not as a replacement, but as a partner in ...

Slow Members of the Herd | New comment by Karyn Laitis

Is their learning and progress limited by their procrastination?  I'm assuming these are individual assignments. Is there a way to create touchpoints or steps that get them into the assignment...

Technology is a tool and not a Process | New blog by David Jahani

We need to look at technology as a tool and not as a process. Technology allow us to process our teaching in a way that is very effective, and create a channal of communication between the teacher and...

Slow Members of the Herd | New discussion by Christopher Waters

How do you think it would be best to address the students that are always looking to put in the least effort and only approach an assignment in the 11th hour?

Multiple-Choice tests | New comment by Christopher Waters

I can't see a time when multiple choice questions are not going to be useful. I think that we will have a better opportunity to ask the questions that pry into the level of understanding that the...