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Especially in stressful times, like changes in how we associate with others to prevent spread of COVID-19 through 'social distancing,' it is critical to deliberately practice awareness of our own feelings and reach out - by whatever means available - to understand signals in others about how they might be dealing with the situation. We can help shape our own response by taking time to understand, to reflect on positive outcomes, and to help others shape logical paths to their own positive outcomes. It sounds like manipulation, but it's as simple as smiling at people, a positive response on our part, can help them smile back and feel much more positive. Routinely reflecting on our own responses, like this very exercise, creates a cognitive habit of building self-awareness. I can apply this to all interactions, not just in learning management, but in everyday greeting the mail carrier, the neighbor walking their dog, in calls with family and coworkers, and in artistic hobbies that support emotional catharsis in others. 

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