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Through my experience, students are usually waning to bring their life experiences to the learning environment such as their work-related activities, family responsibilities and previous education. It’s a way for them to see a reason for learning something.
Throughout their learning progress, it’s a natural progression for them to feel the need to connect their past with the present. Perhaps this is the reason why they are constantly asking and seeking to see how what they are being taught is relevant to their career goals.
Before I begin my new day’ discussion, I usually explain to the students how today's topic fits into what has been covered days before. I believe it’s sort of refreshing their memories before new information will be taking in. A brief enthusiastic summary of what has been previously covered will help them to see the relevance of the new material. It’s the best way to build a bridge between previous work and the current topic each time I start a class. Certainly, this is the way that I always like to be taught when I was a student.

K. Boodparset

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