Leslie Darlington

Leslie Darlington

Location: san antonio, tx

About me

I have been teaching at IADT San Antonio since 10/2010. I teach a variety of graphic design and internet marketing classes and now Web Design Fundamentals. I really enjoy the variety and it keeps my mind fresh, active and invigorates my passion for different areas of design. I have a masters degree in publication design from University of Baltimore. I'm really happy to be with IADT and in the teaching field because its fun to see the "lightbulbs" go off in the minds of college students.


Besides teaching graphic design classes, I have been dancing, performing and teaching dance for many years. The similarities are amazing.


graphic design, web design, making beaded jewelry, gardening, ballroom dancing.


adobe creative suite, web design analysis, marketing, public speaking


Since I'm in the classroom teaching WordPress, its important for me to keep learning all the tricks about WordPress to be prepared for any questions from students

Yes, by seeing the behaviors pointed out, I can tailor my teaching methods to accomodate students with learning dissabilities.

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I rank this topic very high

I hadn't thought of that before. This was a tremendous help

Your enthusiasm is apparant. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I can see student's faces light up when I'm excited.

Thank you for sharing your technique on creating your own YouTube videos as instructional devices.

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The lesson was very helpful

I agree, the examples were insightful and helpful

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