What are some examples of formative assessments?

Please share your ideas for formative assessments that can be used throughout the life of a project.

checklist of progress

Practice sessions of presentation

learnng log- summary of daily progress

When desinging a project different activities can be incorporated into the process of promote formative assesment at different phases of the project creation. 


Planning: 3-2-1 3 Things I expect to learn, 2 Things I am interested in, 1 question I have

Designing: rubric-based assessments for students comprehension of the conceptual framework

Conclusion: Student presentations

Having students do presentations has been a good way for me to check for undersatanding. 

As a general rule having them answer a question or two is a traditional way to do formative assessment. With PBL I think having them refer to the rubric on a daily basis (which is on the board in a basic format) and reflecting and commenting on their progress in an online journal (convenient for teachers) for review might be a way to adapt. Basically a log or summary of progress, questions, problems, etc.


  • Work Log
  • Time committed to project
  • Research put behind it 

PBL is a little different from how I traditionally used formative assessments in a math classroom to check for understanding in individuals as they worked through a new concept. I think especially when the project is taking place in a group setting, I need to know not only how the whole group is doing, but how each person is contributing, what are they learning, what skills are they applying, etc. I have had kids do a journal to track individual progress and reflections, pose a question and have them give a short 1 to 2 sentence response, and even rate each others skills as team members.