Before we start new programs...

It is wise to ensure the programs you are currently offering are running as efficiently as possible.

Name a few reasons why you would want to ensure this.

Your institution's reputation in the community is one very important reason to make sure your existing programs are running effciently. The success of these programs will lend creditablity to a new program and help attract students, faculty, and potential empoyers to your institition. In addition, smoothly running existing programs will allow you as an administrator the time and focus to develop the new program.


One of the most common mistakes executive leaders make in our business is that when population and revenue is down, the first thing they do is look to start new programs to increase both. This is often a mistake. Look within first. Make sure what you are currently offering is running as effectively as possible from both an academic quality and operational standpoint and fix that first. Usually existing programs can be rebooted to increase population and revenue.

Christopher Nickell