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marketing question

In this day and age of social networking, do you think advertising through magazines, newspapers, and billboards is still an effective means of promoting a school?

Hi Shawn,

It really all depends on your program mix, your marketing mix and how you are measuring the various media. We have many clients that still see strong DR results through newspapers - definitely not what it has been in the past. Billboards are much more effective for awareness and driving demand, and have worked at a graduate degree level. Magazines can work as well if the program and demo work. Have you seen positive results?


We have had very successful results from advertising in a local coupon magazine in addition to our online promotions.

Hi Shawn,

We have experienced a great response from our Billboard advertising, we also do a lot of newspaper advertising, but are now seeing a trend towards intranet news so we are switching it up a bit.

These are old ways of Marketing but may be effective for local markets but to reach a broader base you need social media.

Print and outdoor advertising are still heavy players in the marketing arena. Especially in heavy commuter cities such as Miami, FL. Even though social networking is free and an effective medium to reach high volumes of customers. Traditional advertising is an added bonus and definitely would help a marketing strategy be cohesive.

Yes it does, it can draw attention and remind people that you exist

Melissa I like your comment about the outdoor print advertising, but the social networking is for me and the library an effective medium to reach high volumes of customers, too. In the library field the social media are our life because most of the students likes more the social medias, especially in network. Our workshops marketing are at Eventbrite and the student can register over there. Its a free platform for educators. We had a Virtual library Reference that works great. The students call to the library or send an email and we work at distance. They can solve their problems or concern and all will be happy.

In our area, the new billboards seem to generate a lot of buzz - they are well-done and generally promote new offerings at various colleges.

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