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Social Media Marketing

When a higher education institution decides that it will pursue social media networking strategies (Facebook, Twitter,Link In, etc.), could that be construed by the students/faculty population as too personal or intrusive within an academic environment?

Not at all! Smart companies, although not educational institutions, have accepted that the old ways are fading fast, most companies with a product to market are treating these new ways, ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc, as required. If you do not embrace, then your competition will and you will die, in a business sense.

We are constantly searching for new ways to promote our institution within the social media world.

I completely agree Jack! Many companies have been afraid of the risk of the conversations that can happen in the social media space and can't be controlled. Those conversations are happening whether we like it or not. It also is can help with retention as issues can be addressed and current and prospective students will see how the the institution responds and deals with things. Definitely worth the risk!

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