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Review Methods

What types of review methods to you find to be the most beneficial?

I like to use as many different strategies as possible in my teaching as I can. From Reading to lecture to questioning to hands on. I feel as each person is different in that they will percieve ideas differently, they will also see things one way in text but when they get to the training aids or equipment not be able to comprehend the same material. The discovery also of how a student can see where his understanding truely is by reading about it, hearing the lecture, seeing the schematic diagram yet still not fully grasping the concept until they assemble it themselves and can put it all together on their own. then you get the AH HAH moment!

Using episodic learning and abstract thinking works best for the subjects that I teach as large parts require the ability to "think outside of the box" to diagnose the cause of the concern being addressed.

I try to use many different review methods.  I will ask questions or provide a review slide frequently in a presentation.  In addition, I will ask students to give information they think was most important during a chunck of learning.  The students enjoy playing various review games in the classroom.  Some are organized ahead of time like Jeopardy.  Others are spur of the moment and may involve just asking questions off the cuff.  Sometimes I ask the students to ask the questions and see if the other class members can answer them.  They often ask better and more challenging questions than I do!

Different types.


mostly i like to give them a pop quiz so we can start a conversation around the questions they got wrong.


I like posting discussion points and place the class in groups. Each group then finds answers to certain quesitons and relays the information to the rest of the class. I try to pose questions to create discussion and dialogue within the class. I attempt to be more of a offical, like a referee in an effort to allow students to engage each other.

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