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Do students successfully motivate each other?

Sharing classroom and academic expectations, students often have the capacity to serve as their own best support system.


What are some things you do to help students build these relationships with each other?

Jeffrey Schillinger

I believe that students can motivate each other. When students see other students engaged and learning, it motivates them to also become engaged in the discussion and learning process. Adult learners are packaged with life experiences and knowledge and while they may not well versed in one area, they are in others. When others are sharing their experiences, it may resonate with other students. Discussions are lively and inclusive.

Also, when working in a team environment, adult learners hold others accountable for their contribution. This also creates a motivating environment since some team memebers do not want to be the reason for the team's failure.

Thank you,

Freya Sullivan


Thank you for this thoughtful post.

Jeffrey Schillinger

Much of the material for my class comes from doing exercises and problems in the text. In order to get students engaged with each other, I require them to check with each other whenever they encounter a problem before I will step in to help.


That is one god way to engage students. Another would be to have one student walk another through the problem, giving direction while one writes it down. They should them switch roles. This can be a team competition as well.

Jeffrey Schillinger

That's a good idea. I'll try it when I have a class large enough to make it an effective tool.

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