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CT is bringing the skills together

Each of the parts of critical thinking are dependent on each other to properly and correctly come to the correct conclusions. Choices are free to all human kind to make, we get to chose. However, we do not get to chose the consequences of our decisions. Wise people, think through the short term and long term outcomes. The best that we can do is learn from our choices and those of others that have come this way before us.

Too bad, as a country and society, we have forgotten the lessons learned from our ancestors. We will be bound to repeat these lessons unlearned.

I agree

As it has been stated before, students feel they should receive a degree because they chose to pay for education. Not taking into consideration there are consequences with that money.

Many students today will expect to pass a course just because they "paid" monetarily. But without a driving force they will not use what was taught never mind retain any of it for anytime longer than the exam. Which is why they need to be challenged to become critical thinkers. We will not do them any justice if they're allowed to continue without the problem solving piece.
As an instructor you need to have the excitement, It's contagious.


I agree, however, some actcually know the consequences of our decisions but are not guided by this knowledge. At times emotional feelings cloud the individual judgement.

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