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dominant and sub intelegencies

I believe we all have a basic intelegency that we fall to first but that we also have sub intelegencies that we understand but are not as attracted too. We can learn in all these intelegencies but maybe not as quickly as the dominant one. I like the idea that sometimes these intersect and multiple intelegencies can be taught the same way.

The notion of preferences is an interesting one in light of our ability to alter our preferences. I believe that your approach to problem solving will determine, to some extent, the kind of solution that you come up with. I wonder if there are ways to encourage students to think through other intelligence avenues. Would they become more versatile (creatively) and would solutions appear quicker? Reading what I've read - I wish I could find a way of doing that for myself. Just having awareness of options doesn't necessarily make them available to you without some training or opportunity to experience them first hand. I imagine it is more complicated than including a spatial, a numbers, a verbal, etc. in an exercise. If you recall story problems in math you have first-hand experience of the complication that rises up in trying to overlay one method onto another.

Hi Lisa,
Good observations. Through pilot studies we have been able to get individuals to expand their use of their intelligences and to be able to get comfortable with those intelligences that they might prefer to use but can use. This is why it is important to get them off to a good start using their preferred intelligences and then helping them to develop the abilities to work in other intelligences as well.

i agree we all seam to have a first thought or a basic intelegency. Yet when we take time to stop and think on a sub we find we us a more of our sub-lining intelegencies. often time we find the first thought was right even after we go back and lock up information. i have tought we are born with some information that is later re-infoced threw proper eductioan and life lessons.

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