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I always have a breakdown of the events of the day with my class,at the end of the day we talk about the good the bad and the ugly. Good being things they did very well and how that would relate to the industry. Bad would be a time when the students are allowed to explain any mistakes that they may have made while performing the tasks that were taught, I explain that we can't possibly make all the mistakes by ourselves so if we can learn from other peoples mistakes so that we don't make them we all win,… >>>

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I try to make my classroom fun for the students but also make them aware that I am going to hold them to a higher standard. I often play or tease students (they know all in fun) but this makes them very comfortable with me. In opening lecture when I give them expectations I also make them aware that I am there for them at any time if they have any type of issue I dont mind them bringing it to me, but I always follow that up with, I may not be able to fix the problem but I… >>>

I find that I have two types of stress in my life. One of these is home life stress. The other is work life stress. I have had great luck with divide and conquer. I can deal with each of these just fine by themeselves but have issues when I get hit by both at the same time. So I have a coping mechanism that I use that has helped me. I have a point olong the route too work that I call the turning point. I shut off the home life when I pass this point and turn on… >>>

I believe we all have a basic intelegency that we fall to first but that we also have sub intelegencies that we understand but are not as attracted too. We can learn in all these intelegencies but maybe not as quickly as the dominant one. I like the idea that sometimes these intersect and multiple intelegencies can be taught the same way.

I always prepare for the first day, I explain to the students the importance of the class and how it will relate to their first year working in the field. We talk openly about what I expect from them in class and they are able to also be open with me about what they expect to get from the class, I show credibility by explaining my experience level and success rate for students. I believe that if a student shows me they have the desire to do the job that I can and will teach them what they need to… >>>

My experience has made me a better instructor, I have had students that when they came into my class I put them into a slow learner catagory. When in fact they have proven me wrong. Given the proper approach and the excellerated learning techniques I have learned, Only what the learner can reproduce has been learned, Hands on, auditory, visual, stimulation throughout all demonstrations. Demos done Instructor led Student performed demos. Entire class open to questions and movement to gain better visual of projects.With all of this I have seen more success with my students as well as less damage… >>>

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