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brain function

when discussing the brain in class, my students are always amazed of how complex the brain is. do you think we will ever know the full function of the brain and what all it can do?

I do not
The brain is an amazing system that is constantly changing. This could include: behavior, mood, and mental issues.
Our brains begin to mature even before we are born. Although they continue to mature throughout most of our lives, brains do not mature at the same rate in each individual.

This should not be surprising. After all, our bodies grow at different rates — we reach puberty at different ages and our emotional maturity at different times as well. Why should our brains be any different?
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I have been doing brain research for the past 30 years. During my research I have been amazed that something that weighs approximately 3 lbs. and is 80% water can do what it does. We have come so far but I don't think we will ever be able to understand nor research all that the brain does. My specific area of research is in brain processing and the use of different filters in taking in information and then decoding it for later use. I figure I have about 300 more years of research to go before I have a good handle on this so you can see why I respond like I am.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

Right you are and thank you for this good information about understanding learner rates because as you say we are all different and unique.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

It always amazes me the potential and configuration that the brain is capable of. Sometimes I feel with the younger generations that I teach, they have no idea of their potential. I try and have them figure out what type of learner they are first, that way they can see what works best for them.

Like many others have responded, the brain is an amazing system that is constantly changing but I do not feel we will ever know the full capabilities or function of it. I feel that we have not impressed upon the younger generations the full benefits of continued learning and growth. Many younger students see learning as a chore as opposed to a benefit. If we could somehow show these younger students the benefits of learning, other than career possibilities, maybe we would have more students excited to grow or expand their knowledge or use the full functions of their brain. Learning is not always a "fun" process but if help students develop a passion for learning early I feel we will be able to see more of the brains capabilities.

I do not believe that we can ever accurately measure all aspects of the brain due it's varying degree of function depending on each individual person, as well as the situation of each persons lifestyle (sleep,stress,social environment etc..)

300 more years? Plenty of time :)
Dr. Meyers what is your stance/opinion/non-medical/belief on Omega-3 and DHA as a supplement for brain development. Reading some of the other participants in this forum, I can relate to how this generation does not appreciate the full potential of the brain. I try to instruct them in the principals and theory of Automotive Technology and they have a hard time remembering the necessary information. But when I ask them a line from a movie they know that instantly.

I agree. I have been researching brain function, especially in traumatic brain injuries and the more I have learned over the past thirty years the more I know what I don't know. For something that weighs about three lbs and is 80 % water it is complex and will take another 100 years to understand if then. So as educators we have some real challenges when it comes to helping our students learn and progress in their career development.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

You raise a very interesting question because I have encountered the same thing in terms of what students will learn and remember verses claiming not to be able to learn in a more formal setting like a classroom or lab. This is selective learning at best.
As for supplements for the brain I do not have a formal opinion because of the varying results I see. I do know that that as fetuses they need to have a well balanced input of nutrients during all phases of development especially the brain phase. I see a lot of individuals that were born of crack or meth moms and what happened during their brain development. Sad sad situations for sure. I would think such supplements would be of value as long as they were taken in in a way that provides a balance within the brain. Recent medial studies on Omega-3 has been very positive so I am looking to find even more information about the impact it has.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

I think it is possible to know how brain works sooner or later, because brain is the material thing; to know the energy body and a source of life is much harder

I tend to beleive that the brain can never truly be 100% explored. Maybe it was by desgin that each person has so many different abilities and areas of strength that others do not. I wonder how we could ever truly find the hidden pieces of our brain that make us all tick? Hopefully science will find the code.

Fascinating time in science where renewing the mind and body is now evidence based. reading Dr. Caroline Leaf and how these changes take place.

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