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the genome factor

what about the instinct of survival,
does it use concrete perception, abstract perception or both

Hi Laurent,
It depends upon the level of survival that is involved. If it is immediate such as the need for water and food then it is concrete. If it is more distant such as needing to survive through the development of skill, knowledge and expertise then survival becomes more abstract and needs to be broken down into concrete steps of accomplishment. So the long answer to your question is both as defined by individual need.

Chef, I think it uses both, especially as it applies to the Culinary world. You have to concretely perceive your surroundings and what you need to survive in the immediate situation, as well as abstractly percieve the next moments and what you are about to need for survival.

We train for entry level to two of the building trades. Part f we teach is for the craft tehnicians from the abstract ideas develop concrete results using installing the materials
as required within the limitations and legal requirements for their work. From that we have abuilding to be occupid and used as intended.

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