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to survive today in a for profit education environment... soft skills is by far taking over professional skills 

on my part it required a constant non agressive monitoring and nurturing to establish a direct line of communication that the student would understand in order to become more self confidant and self reliant, i guess its all about trust, or giving him that assumption, however it is important to set limits and to give him a choice as to crossing those lines or not in order for him to interprate and understand the concept of being responsible
the question is: how do you motivate an ADD student without threatening his autonomy and false sense of security....
instructor or psychologist how do you get mentally challenged students with attention disorder to buy in..
being too confortable on the first day can also ruin your authority and credibility very quickly and can backfire at a later time the new student generation has a very scary sence of ownership expecting everything to be served on a plate for free... shall we keep feeding these assumptions...
a standardize noncohesive syllabus that doesn't flow can be a detriment not only to the students but also to the instructors who has to deliver the content and losing credibility in the process. the question is.. should we take side
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we cannot become a role model and progress if we do not have students in the fact it takes 2 to tango.. we have much to learn from them as they have from us, and a good understanding of human nature becomes a necessity if we have to be successful..
whether or not, mental, emotional, physical,or environmental, Stress is the motivator of life. stress invoke natural selection and evolution of all living organism in the world. life is a constant strugle induced by stress..toxic or not the simple act of living is stressful.. so were is the peace... is living in a world without stress an utopia..
to eliminate stress around you you must first eliminate stress from within. stress can cloud the mind and make it hard to think clearly and act rationaly.under stress you're producing many different chimicals opsetting the proper funtioning of the brain. understanding the process allows you to manage and filter your thoughts in order to analyse and rectify any possible outcome at the source of the problem.. the question is how well do we understand that process.

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