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Memory and cognitive understanding

How can an instructor through careful analysis of using memory sources further understand and develop better course programming and curriculum. The more we understand about these things the better we can develop more effective educational programs.

Hi Jay,
Right you are. By knowing how individuals process information you can select different delivery techniques which will enable those students to acquire, store and use new information and skills.

Understanding the memory sources helps the instructor identify clues and markers to give learners so they know how to collect them in their memory. Tools and approaches can be formed in order to give learners direction. These tools and approaches are then systematically merged to the course planning.

Hi Antonio,
Good point. That is why instructors need to have a clear plan in place for presenting the content. This way the can help their students to put content into their memories and then be able to get that content back when needed.

This memory topic is very intriguing to me. I am going to do more study and learning of this subject. Good stuff!

Hi George,
This is an area that I am very interested in as well. I have been researching this for a number of years and have only scratched the surface in terms of learning more about how the mind and memory works.

I have found that one key to enabling students to use these skills is to establish an atmosphere of trust and curiosity.

Trust is garnered over several encounters and demands integrity/honesty with students.

Curiosity is a state of learning like playing a game where everyone wins. Everyone has a role to play.

Students need to feel the desire to do learning work.

I found the topic of using a "cadence" with the numbers as the brain can handle about 7 numbers and with pauses or such 9-10.

This notion of the brain's ability has given me an idea on how to teach the identification of pathogenic microorganisims (9) instead of "brute" memory.

We will break them into smaller groups to learn.

I completely agree. Base knowledge of learning styles and teaching styles will always help a teacher to obtain a better understanding of the classroom.

Hi Bennett,
Great to hear how you are going to apply different instructional strategies to enhance you delivery. I know your students are going to benefit from your efforts.

As teacher we must give the storage's keys to the students in order for them to utilize what has been stored inside.

Hi Peter,
Like the way you express what learning is all about. The more keys the more storage lockers that will be opened. This is what makes our jobs so much fun and rewarding. We help students to find those keys.

I agree Everyone retains differently we need to learn how each students learns and try to accomidate all of them.

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