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Goal setting helps you to prioritize and plan how goals are achieved. Using the SMART technique can influence the success and outcome of the tasks underatken to achieve goal. It is ok to breakdown goals into smaller more achievable tasks which are tied to the end product.


Time management is important in order to get things done that are important and in the required timeframe. It requires that we understand our body and our peak energy and focus times so we can do more challenging tasks at that time. Blocking out or reducing distractions and prioritizing tasks using a schedule can help us to better utilize our precious time. it is ik to say no to more tasks which may belong to others.


Know what is required by the industry for which you are training and preparing students. Stay current by accessing information in the print, electronic media and asking questions. Adapt courses or programs to meet changes.


It is important to know the organizational structure, policies and procedures, educational programs, student services and marketing strategies of your institution. If you do not know, it is your responsibility to find out in order to better advise prospective students.


It is important to have access to, know information about your institution and the regulations that govern it. This knowledge and information should be available to students seeking information to guide their enrollment. A systematic information management database is important.


It is important to keep uptodate with the rules and statutes for Florida. Keeping an organized notebook helps you to have and update information that you receive on the statutes as well as the requirements and offerings of your institution. With this information you can provide students with clear and accurate information as needed.


Communication is at the heart of building value and relationsips with departments, faculty, staff, current and prospective students. The level of energy you give on the phone can influence the response stimulated in prospects, whether negative or positive.


Not everyone will be a right fit for your institution so be ready to give space and time for those who do not see value to see it or move on in making their life decisions.


Having a framework for the presentaion makes it easier for the presenter to communicate with prospective students. Tours, powerpoint presentation and the student catalogue are very resourceful materials in presenting to prospective students. It is important to stay within the school guidelines when using the different materials.


The value of an istitution is based on the student's perception. The value is equal to the benefits minus effort minus risk minus price. to increase value then the effort and risk should be reduced while considering the cost.


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