Kara Sponsler

Kara Sponsler

Location: koyuk, ak

About me

I'm a middle school ELA teacher in Koyuk, AK.  I hope to be able to offer culinary courses to the students next year to provide them with more hands on instruction and give them more diverse subjects offered at our school.  


cooking, cleaning, puzzling, darts, cribbage




Even though people are playing a game alone in their own "room" they are still interacting socially through the game when they share information with eachother.  I've known people to create strong freindships that were intiated via a gaming platform.  The social interaction can allow people to comfortably interact with others on a platform of their choosing.  

I agree gaming takes a lot of time from instruction but my students postively respond to it and I can monitor them very easily.  I'd love for them to do it at home but internet connectivity is not reliable in rural Alaska so we must use school time.  The programs we have them on are quite good and allow me to measure their sucess and failures quite nicely.  Also, the studens respond very positivley to the gaming as they don't have an adult breathing down their neck or someone just talking to them.  It does take the human element out… >>>

I think self awareness can go a long way with cultural competnency.  Sometimes its difficult to put yourself in one's shoes and cultural competency gives you the tools to consider alternate perspectives. 

Students should have reasonable accoodations to their work that can easily be applied to all students such as an outline of the notes. This way all students have them and no one students is singled out. This may help other students organize their thoughts and their notes as well.  Furthmore, specific instructions can be written on the downloadable notes that can provide detailed instructions or explanations.  

Many people with learning disblities are often times more intelligent than those without learning disablities.  We need to find a way to unlock their full potential so that they can become productive memebers of society.  Approriate accomodations and modifications to the learning environmet early on can ensure the best possible learning outcomes for the student.  Furthermore, the student needs to learn to advocate for themselves once they reach a post secondary and professional environment.  This is not to say that they should be given excptional treatment, they should still be able to perform academic tasks/job tasks as that is what… >>>

This module makes me think how I can help my students who have undiagnosed potential learning disbailities get the help they need.  While I have students that appear to have some of these disablities there are other social emotional factors that may seem to manifest themselves into learning disabilities.  I wonder if students in lower socioeconomic households are more suseptible to learning disablities or if the social emotional disarray in in their lives may be masked as learning disablitieis.  There has been proven to be a connection between social emotional choas to learning attainment.  

This segment shows how a students attains phonemic awarness and how that translates into reading skills.  Often times if a student doesn't have the skills to engage basic decoding strategies they will not be able to read the word properly nor will they know what the word is.  This proves that the early stages of learning to read are so important and must have reinforcement at school and at home.  Parents that read to their children even the simplest of books still can demonstrate phonics skill mastery that will help in future word identication and decoding. 

I asked how does one become a high EQ person.  They gave some tips however, there were still some holes in these tips as they didn't get into the specifics withiin the tips.  I realize that EQ is so important in any profession and this affects on both personally and professionally.   

Soft skills and hard skills do not have equal improtance in the work place.  Soft skills have more importance that hard skills as it is dealing with people.  When you deal with people well you have a better chance of sucess in any field you work in.  

Next year I hope to have a cooking class as an elective.  As an extention of that class, I hope to engage the students in service learning opportunities within the community.  They can make food at the school and bring it to community members.  They can show people how to have a safe kitchen for all people.  They can also, teach the kids how to make simple meals and clean up so that it is not always put on the adults in the house to always have to do the food prep and clean up.  I think the clean up… >>>

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