Shane Apperley

Shane Apperley

Location: united states

About me

UK-trained Physician Associate/Assistant (PA) with a background in clinical medicine, pharmacy, governance, research, academia and military medicine.

I am currently enjoying working in the US as a Director and Associate Professor in PA academia. My long-term goal, however, is to provide strategic leadership (CEO or equivalent) for a hospital trust/health system.

Outside of work, I am a devoted husband and father. I volunteer my time at church and in various medical capacities. I also serve on several professional boards and believe in a commitment to lifelong learning.


Core elements of a flipped classroom and the importance of getting stakeholder (i.e. student) buy-in.


Different coping mechanisms and ways by which I csn better limit or reduce stress. 


How to streamline teaching and assessment. 

I also need to improve my knowldge/application of online teaching modalities. 


Setting limits and prioritizing better - this is something I don't do well yet can improve. 


How to accomodate students with learning disabilities. I encounter many students will difficulties comprehending. 


How to better interact with students where English is not their first language. 


The importance of student monitoring. Also, to use groups that are diverse and no more than 6-8 students in size. 


The importance, and ways by which I can improve my non-verbal communication. 


Instructor Image - How to appear competent and professional. I have learnt some good tips. 


I frequently have to deal with cheating or the possibility of it. This module has given me some good tips/insights in how to tackle this problem in the future. 


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