sherry Choquette

sherry Choquette

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I will keep the meeting on time with clear communication and goals. I will communicate the value of each member and the diversity of the team.

I learned that you need to be aware o you emotions  to choose which ones to come forth with as you maintain self control as you manage conversations.

there are many factors to for effective behaviors in the workplace. Soft skills, hard skills, people skills, and emotional intelligence come together to be an effective instructor. It is crucial to understand others and have common sense to apply to the various situations. There are many levels of soft skills to apply to teaching. 

FERPA has so many angles to define that there needs to be defined policies to ensure rules are not inadvertently crossed.  Empolyee education and training is necessary for to comply.

I learned the specifics of what and when school records can be released with or without student permission. I realize it is important to err on the side of caution and don't release without student permission.  I learned there should be policies in place to follow for each situation.

Some of the experience and qualifications include having one degree above what is offered in the program to teach, minimum age for recruiters, credit checks for financial officers and those handling funds. There should be separation of duties to allow for cross checks and decrease chance of conflict of interest. Compensation has specific criteria and details described. Ethical standards should be vague and difficult to enforce to keep a positive and healthy workplace. The overall ethical approach should include trust, honest, accountable to provide a quality educational program. 

This chapter reveled the many specifics and details to maintain integrity and honesty in marketing materials, whether printed, websites, social media, etc. Descriptions of what is available at the school's campuses should be realistic and descriptive of what is available at the facility, equipment with age, services and classrooms.  If photos are used for schools with multiple campuses they must be clearly identified with each site. If student testimonials are used, they should not be solicited and should be sincere and honest. Marketing materials may be required to be submitted for approval by various regulatory companies. Availability of financial aid… >>>

This chapter explains the various topics that may influence a student seeking enrollment that can not be misleading or deceptive in the information provided.  These things cannot be incorrect in written format, oral, printed, photos or by omission. There should be no promise of completion of jobs and licensures after graduation. There should not be  any enticements to cover costs of enrollment or for courses.  There should not be any quotas to meet by the admission personnel to increase enrollment in the varus programs. There should not be false promises or inaccurate information passed on to the prospective students.  A… >>>

There definitely are a lot of rules and regulations that are detailed to protect the school and employees while being honest and truthful when communicating with potential students as well as enrolled students. In these conversations, whether face to face, email or phone calls, need to be carefully worded to provide accurate and transparent information. The defined penalties help to see the variations that are included under these laws.  Nicely presented for clear understanding.

i have learned the steps to take should a parent request or what to record if release is permitted


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