Lena  Mercuri

Lena Mercuri

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The rubric is definitely a great tool to help with defining expectation/grading of clinical learning


There are certain know difficulties with the lab environment that a teacher can try to avoid.  


Instructor should always have supporting material for class content. The best is previous experinece in the field of study 

stay up to date to new and latest technological advances, change in the demographics of the class and how you can help the students understand class content as clear as possible 

Be flexible with your adult learners. and be Prepared for classes with enough time in order to have your lessons to present to them


Effective listening and with acknowledging students is what I like to do as an Instructor


our students are not our customers. 

I have learned that there are a lot of outside influences and factors that students can find difficult. Adult learners have a greater challenges than the younger students


I have a better understanding of my students that are from different generations

Game are always a great tool in learning

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