Kurt Lechner

Kurt Lechner

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I have learned: Academic preparation impacts persistence

Persistence rates are an indicator of how well you are doing in meeting student needs and expectations. 

Students are presented with an enormous amount of information at orientation. Use pictures of staff and faculty, phone numbers e-mails etc. that hey have a way to communicate if they have questions.

The instructor plays an important role in student retention at career colleges.

Many students need additional academic support. 

Communication Systems: open door policy, succession box and Newsletters are good tools

Surveys for students

Edwards Personal Preference Survey, and the Noel Levitz College Student Inventory. … >>>

What I learned from this chapter is: We as Teachers need to be good listeners, problem solvers, care for students, help students when the have a challenging time in their lives. Be sensitive and caring.

What I learned from this chapter is, we need to take cake of the students, learn about there behavior, and act if some symptoms occur.  We teachers are responsible to teach and keep the students in school


Every organization tries to keep their students, so faculty, staff etc. have to look very carefully how to deal with the problems of their students when the occur. Many things can happen, illness, family issues, falling back in homework, missing classes.                                                                         The organization and the Teachers have to find a solution to solve these problems.  Some can’t be fixed. Working together with the students, to figure out a way to keep them in school is important.

We as teachers need to teach the skills what are required to make them successful to pass the classes. In order to do… >>>

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