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I am very passionate about Science learning particularly biological sciences and have been academics (research and teaching) for more than 22 years now at variuos levels. I am very instrested in learning strategies about helping adult students who have a lot to jiggle in their lives- school, jobs, children etc.


One of the method I use is try to know the students in the first class, their backgrund and ask them how do they think the class is going to help them in their future. I then reinforce with that class helps them in attaining their goal. I also help them build confidence that they can earn an A in the class by working hard. I also try to give examples from my past as a student how I dealt with the difficult content in course (model), at the same time encouraging them and believeing in them that they can… >>>

I think communication and availability is also a key in keeping them motivated. My students have access to me 24/7 during a class term. I also like to send them an email on Fridays to remind them about due homeworks and quizzes for the next week.

It is absolutely true that we must understand our audience (generation X or Y) in order to connect with them. Certain characteristics of generation Y such as use and their dependance on technolgy has to be incorporated into the planning process in order to keep them engaged and intested in the material. I plan my lessons and delivers lectures as Powerpoints and supplement with multimedia ( video's etc.) and to reenforce concepts give them homework or short quizes online. Sometimes, I supplement it with simulations that they can use internet to access. One of the challenge I face with few… >>>


I also find it very common in my students, they donot have patience to sit and research for papers or to at least scan them and read them. I encourage them to read the summaries and understand the paper. I incorporate some assignments and break them in parts and assignpoints for each section. I ask them to find a research paper and identify hypothesis, identify the techniques that are relevent to the topics covered in class, identify any microorganisms ( since its a micro class) that have been used and finally right down the findings in their own words.… >>>

I think there are many ways we as educators can show that we care for our students such as: 

Be avaialble to them - I personally give my cell number in the first class so they can contact me if they have any issues or concerns.

Know them as human beings: I also like to know my students as who they really are and not just one student sitting in my class. Normally within first two weeks I know what is bothering any body in my class.

Connect with them: I also contact student if they miss a class as… >>>

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I havenot thought about that either, but now when I think about it, it makes sense.  I actually spend more time with a poor performing student, but do break down their work to smaller parts. Most of the time, they need confidance building and more encouragement, which gets boosted when they see that they can finish work quickly.

I agree with Cynthia, it is a challenge to regulate technology (tablets and phones) in onground classes. Sometimes I ask them to log in to their online course content such as Pearson web sites for courses such as Mastering microbiology and work on study modules,… >>>


I normally ask some open ended questions and some direct content questions to take a feel as to where does the class stands as whole and also to set a stage as how in depth we have to go for technical content. I also give each student 4-5 seconds to respond. If I find I have different answers then we discuss it and ask students to offer little more insight into their answers as why do they think it like that. This involves more students into discussion.

I really like the idea of planning some jokes in the lecture.

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