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We have the same problem. If the activity does not carry some type of point value towards a grade, no matter how important or valuable the information the students will not particapate. They only see value in a grade not knowledge or expiereance.

Plan your work, work your plan, plan to suceed. Fail to plan. plan to fail. Most like to be lead, told each step, then want a grade on how well they followed.

When looking at my audience I look at my group diversly, so that I can meet the needs of all who are there. Usually I'll have a group betweeb 18-35 with a total of 9 and the 10th individual being my 50 year old. Because the age bracket is different I speak to them all at the same time on the same level as not to make my elder student fill left out. Looking at my audience being from different geopgraphic backgrounds also helps for me to better explain certain topics

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It is necessary to understand the basics of learning in order to be able to reach students. If, as instructors, we do not understand how learning occurs and how the brain functions we can not prepare class materials that will reach the students. An example of this might be in a psychology class where the student is faced with an unfamiliar concept. One way that I try to help them understand the concept is by giving them a real life example of where the concept can be applied. I try to use situations that the majority of… >>>

@corpatrick : One of the reasons why Instructors should engage their students is to reinforce what they learned. In addition, students' improve on their critical thinking skills.

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Teaching these students with strong personalities can and is such a challenge sometimes. When a person like that is in my class, I see the other students change their behavior as well and I try to redirect my attention away from the strong personality and create and environment that encourages everyone to have a chance to speak or demonstrate. Sometimes they can get a little too outspoken and then I have to "talk them down" a little. It is definitely a challenge at times
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I currently have a member of my team who is pretty self-centered in his thinking and getting him to be a team player and help others has been difficult. I attempted to increase his responsibilities, hoping that it would help create a greater sense of responsibility and teamwork on his part but it did not last long. I have coached for improvement and have only found short-lived success. I feel the failure is mine for being ineffective at finding his motivating force. Any thoughts?
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ED114 helps check yourself on good practices in the classroom. Questioning is a key to making sure  the information was recieved, especialy if you use all the students for feed back.

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I have found that many times the students hesitate to ask questions because they do not want to sound "stupid". They want the answer, but hope that some else will ask the same or similar question. I tell them that the only "stupid" question is the one that they do not ask. Reply
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The biggest thing I've found that has helped improve my soft skills is recognizing when I'm getting close to "overload" from whatever is going on and giving myself a break. Even if you can normally maintain a positive attitude and manage your stress, we all have bad days, and sometimes the best thing you can do is give yourself 10 or 15 minutes to decompress and recover before jumping right back into the fray.

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