Christine  Owino

Christine Owino

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Importance of professional development , startegies for collecting course delivery data, managing dynamic course elements, strategies for completing formative and summative course revisions and maintaining course history. 

professional development and upgrading content, communication and feedback elements are key.

Instructor's presence, communication and feedback is very important in an online environment as these are what students rely on, without which they would feel aliniated and lonely instead of safe and comfortable.


Section is about effective communication, managing workload resulting from student communications, setting boundaries, constructive /prompt/efficient/continous feedback and the instructor's role as a collaborator. 

I will have projects which require collaboration, choice, initiative, control and presentation to help students develop critical thinking skills, team work and be able to learn how they would solve authentic world problems. 

I have learnt important characteristics necessary to be successful as an online instructor, challenges, four types of online delivery models, stategies for managing administrative tasks and how to prioritize time for work and personal responsibilities.

I plan to prioritize, organize and plan the administrative roles of my course so as to reduce time wasting during delivery and be on my way to becoming successful.

Planning, organization, communication, regulations, policies and time/workload management are key.

Organization, communication, management of workload, information and time as well as following principles of good practice are the key to being successful in an online environment.

Its important to have a FATQ section and reduce distractions by turning e-mail alert when working.

I have leant the importance of good practice for an on line environment, startegies for effectively managing workload, time and management skills and technology support.  

I will be better organized, improve skills on managing workload and information and incorporate principles of good practice to achieve better learning outcome.



I learnt the importance of teaching students how to set goals and plan best ways to achieve them, netiquatte, time management, pitfalls to avoid and the seven principles of learning. 

I will help students effectively plan their time, relate what they are learning to their careers and become successful in achieving their life goals.

Importance of roles played by tools technical skills in sychronous and asynchronous commmunication, utilizing an online learning space and including social networking platforms for students success in an online environment.

I wil include social networking for building relationships, engagement, communication and collaboration with those of similar interests. 

I will have projects that are aimed at solving real world problems to help students realize the importance of collaborating, critical thinking and solving career related problems.

I learnt about importance of good online citienship, reading and writing skills, participation, engagement, Community of Practice(CoP) aand effective communication. How something is said is more important than what is said.

I will emphasize the analogy of having a safe and trusting neighbourhood as my prefered Community of Practice. 


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