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Agree, research is extremely important

FERPA helps to protect student's rights and the officials that can give out information about students is limited to certain officials. 


The most important thing is to be yourself

Customer Focus was a very good course. The emphasis on treating employees well was outstanding. Allowing latitude, emphasis on training and avoiding the morale killer, micro managing. 

Excellent observation, learning styles and communication preferences vary with each genaration. These issues are important in the working environment but we also must be aware that the styles cut accross generations as well. People, regardless of age tend to change and adapt to their environment. I know many baby boomers who are "wired in" through social media, smart phones etc. The best approach is to realize that everyone is different and thus don't put someone in a category or stereotype because of their perceived "generation". 


I agree that it is more difficult when someone inquires and then all of a sudden they are not interested. However, sometimes the prospect may say "not right now" and that could be because they are busy or still pondering their decision. I follow up with them at a different day and time to see if they may still be interested.

The online tutorial was a good refresher for experienced admissions reps and would be an excellent mode of learning for new reps. Emphasis was on the student, listen, actively and be honest. I liked the fact it was pointed out that some students may not be a good fit for one's school for various reasons especially if the program they want is not offered. Another aspect I liked was that if a student was not prepared to move forward, then let them go and think about it. Some universities demand you don't let a student out the door without getting… >>>

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Compliance is a very important aspect of admissions. If a student asks you a question that you are not sure about, then tell them you will research it and find the correct answer. You will have questions about accreditation, transferability of credits, career opportunities for each degree program and some students may ask what they can expect to earn after completing their degre.

Transferability of credits is always determined by the receiving institution. The student must contact the university in question to verify their policies.

The most important thing is to be yourself, be honest, listen and let the prospect ask questions too! An interview is not an interogation, it should be all about the prospect. Must reach common ground with the prospect to make sure your school is the right fit via programs offered, schedules, support staff, services offered and most importantly, what the student wants!

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