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I found that little bumper sticker on the back of the motorized wheelchair about how "I may not be perfect but ..." I think it said something about excellence? It is something my sister with muscular atrophy would have had on her motorized wheelchair.

The point is we, or maybe it's just me, can be very quick to judge based on diagnosis or appearances and that isn't fair to the individual with a disability. Back in the day, my mom would say my sister was "handicapped." Debbie hated that description. Physically challenged was her preferred label. These videos are very… >>>

Comment on Shashank Atre's post: I agree. Having had a sister that lived most of her life in a motorized wheelchair, I learned a lot about discrimination and about how she just wanted to be treated as normal as her condition would allow. 

I learned about the UD (universal design) and I thought the closed caption (cc) was a good example. My daughter who has Asperger's prefers the CC on movies, whereas, my granddaughter (ADHD) finds it very distracting. Having had a special ed credential for awhile, it is amazing the "new" things I am listening by watching these videos.  

Comment on Sheila Heinert's post: I agree with you, Sheila, to learn what is needed prior is helpful rather than too late. 

Comment on Tom Hayes's post: I agree Tom. I have a stepson that served in the military and only recently has he admitted he suffers from PTSD. 

I have to say I really learned a lot in this module. Disabilities are not always visible to the eye. It wasn't until recent years that two different psychs diagnosed me as having a form of ADHD and it totally made sense... the forgetfulness and the not paying attention to detail. Easily distracted, blurting before filtering... In elementary school teaching we had a saying, "Where do you find the ADHD kid?" In the emergency room. Not a pretty picture but many of our kiddos would leap first, then look. 

The PTSD diagnosis I always thought referred to only war veterans,… >>>

Comment on Va Yang's post: Va, I felt the same way. I was glad they clarified the point about a service animal versus an emotional support animal. I do teach students with Asperger's and have learned a meltdown may just need a "calming" down room, but I can just see my students showing up in class with support animals... 

I find it fascinating that these ADA and 504 plan were put into effect way before the Internet and online learning became so accessible. I had a sister, that lived her adult years in a motorized wheelchair, and put herself through college. She had to fight for wheelchair access for her classrooms. This all makes much sense. My challenge is I am a SpEd teacher for high school and now a part time employee of a college. My tendency is to give my college students with disabilities all those accommodations I am allowed for high schoolers, but not so in… >>>

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