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Compliance as a Quality Improvement Tool: Interview with Lowell Frame | New comment by Mark Jonas

very interesting never really considered compliance in this regard

3 Ideas About Future Learning | New comment by Mary Rojas

He must be dicussing a different type of school, people in these type of trades provide more jobs and sometimes the people with degrees start at a higher paying job, but your right the person below...

3 Ideas About Future Learning | New comment by Ann Hill

Very broad statement by the speaker. A comment I would like to address, a career college is based on students to get an education such as health field topics to move out of the current environ...

3 Ideas About Future Learning | New comment by Stephen boynton

I think this guy is talking out of school. The statement he made about people with a degree is just not true. People in the trades provide more jobs. Some of those jobs are high paying jobs. S...

3 Ideas About Future Learning | New blog by Robert Starks Jr.

Peter Smith considers three ideas related to the new paradigm of personalized learning paths. Dr. Smith is President of the Open College at Kaplan University. 

Interview with Dennis Trinkle APSCU 2014 | New blog by Robert Starks Jr.

Editor Kevin Kuzma interviews Dennis Trinkle, Provost & Chief Academic Officer of Harrison College, as part of the 2014 APSCU Conference Rewind video interview series filmed live at the APSCU conf...