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As part of this module, I learned about many interesting aspects of curriculum development and how to effectively integrate workforce skills into the same. In addition, I learned about Universal Design Learning which allows all students to learn even if the learning style varies among students.

This module was very informative. I learned that EWS are important skills to be implemented in the classroom and at the organizational level as part of the culture of the workplace.

The only way to implement EWS is through a systematic, programmatic and disciplined approach. Not only follow the diverse steps but practice the steps. The performance of the EWS program will depend on constant inputs, monitoring and engagement. 

This module was very informative and provided an overview of the importance of Essential Workforce Skills in the future career endeavors of a student. Although students may be learning occupation-specific skills and academic competency in the classroom, it is of increased importance that they also learn soft skills that will be useful in the workplace. It is taught as part of this module that research about soft skills has been present since the 1900s, showing that developing soft skills is an ever-present need in the job market. In addition, I learned about the different skills present in the matrix, which… >>>

One of the most challenging things for professionals and students alike is to have a structured learning environment. Working only has a learning component, naturally, but all professionals need to be eternal students. ACCSC EWS provides an excellent framework for students and professionals alike. 

I think the best way to learn how to apply soft skills is through real cases. I usually share real situations that I have lived in programs, projects, technologies, organization, management and structuring businesses. I describe the case, explaining the technical and management side of it but also detailing how the soft skill was used and how important it was. Most professionals/students understand soft skills at a high level, but it takes practice to use them (well). 

This module provided knowledge on the importance of soft skills to succeed at a personal and professional level, in addition to the achievement of academic success through the mastery of techniques and skills related to teamwork, self-management, stress management, application of critical thinking, oral and written communication, learning management, decision making and others that provide capabilities to face situations in any work and personal environment. The examples provided during the development of the course allow its application in real life experiences. In summary, the most important competencies and skills for work, in addition to technical skills, are the soft skills,… >>>

This quote from the course hits the nail on the head -- "Real-world examples of skill application directly related to programmatic fields of study can help students recognize how essential workforce skills improve work performance, boost career success, and enable them to transition and advance their careers throughout their life." This is a driving force behind ACCSC's effort to transform abstract "soft skills" into concrete and defined concepts for students to better grasp, recognize, and put into practice. I am so excited to launch this certification project because I truly believe that a commitment to EWS can be a significant… >>>

I've learned that it takes a lot of time and dedication to create an EWS. The sacrifices we make now will pay off later for our students.

Culture is defined as sharing our vision as a business to develop our staff to be more effective and put our customers first. Our ability to communicate our passion for education is how we will grow the business.


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